THE MAGICIANS S2 E4: The Flying Forest

And so it goes. Everyone is devastated over Alice’s death, none more so than Quentin. And the whole episode feels both full of anticipation and a little deflated, due to the Beast’s death and the disappearance of Reynaud. Now the real adulting begins. Fillory might be a fantasy world, but it’s not always fantastic. The bad things that haunted the kids on Earth and at Brakebills are not absent from the magical world of Fillory. Sometimes, getting what you wished for is the worst thing.

Julia is still relegated to side quests as she furiously pursues Reynaud. She’s not done with him by a long shot, so she enlists an unexpected assistant: Kady. Kady knows how to get into Brakebills, where a book will help them with some necromancy. Turns out that Julia, ever practical, froze Marina’s body and saved it for a resurrection (however short) to find out more about what might stop Reynaud. Apparently, wherever Marina ended up after death is none too good—the scene is shocking and intimate, with Marina desperate not to return and Julia desperately seeking information. But the writers do a good job of weaving in ridiculous and hilarious moments, like the twinning spell that Kady and Julia use to explore the library using a mizpah necklace emblazoned with “best bitches.” These hedge bitches get the job done.

magiciansbestbitchesFans of the books will be gratified to see Abigail the sloth, expert royal advisor, make an appearance in the episode. Even her ideas, however, aren’t good enough for this mopey throne room duo. Margo and Eliot are left to pick up the pieces after Alice’s death, and they don’t have enough money in the royal treasury to make her a memorial statue. Margo belongs to the Broken Legs school of tax collection (because of course she does), but Eliot is just miserable. They cook up the old Margolem spell from last season to make an Eliotem (I’m not sure what you should call an Eliot Golem, but this is close) so that Fillory is faked out into believing a High King is still on the throne while Eliot goes back to Brakebills. Of course this ends badly, but it’s a testament to how much Margo wants Eliot to be happy.

The White Lady has been teased all season, and she finally makes an appearance as Q and Penny are thrown together in a ridiculous quest. The centaur surgeons have repaired Quentin’s shoulder, and Penny joins him as he seeks a cure for his cursed hands. When the hands turn on Penny and try to choke him in his sleep, he decides to get rid of them. This leads to one of the best frustration scenes that writers have ever written: Penny asks Quentin to chop off his hands, and he does so with zeal.

onewisheachThen they set out to hunt the White Lady to get some wishes. This brings them to the Flying Forest of the episode title. Apparently, being in the forest makes you high as hell, and the two trip out hilariously as they search for someone who can make it all better. Turns out, the White Lady is a foul mouthed broad with a chip on her shoulder. You’d have one too if people were constantly hunting you down for stupid wishes. Penny wisely asks for replacement hands, but Quentin wants to end it all and asks to go back home. That’s where we leave it for the week, with Q throwing away his Fillorian dreams and Penny (mostly) restored to normal.

My favorite moment of levity this episode hands down (sorry) has to be Penny’s delirium in the forest where he realizes he has stumps again and asks where his “stuff touchers” are. If you want, Arjun Gupta who plays Penny is asking for tweets of your own #stufftouchers. You can play along at home. arjunstufftouchersmagicians


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