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Love Letters to YA Authors to Warm Your Cold, Cold Hearts

As part of our #50YearsofYA celebration, we put out the call for you to write a love letter to your favorite young adult book or author. You listened, and we’re so very grateful. Read these eloquently crafted sentiments that librarians and readers have penned to their favorite YA authors, and let them inspire you to write one of your own.

SBOOKLIST-K17020718040Dear John Green,

You have opened the door to reading for so many of my kids, teaching them & me that YA need not be self-absorbed and shallow. You challenge us every day.

—Sara from TN

Here’s another one:

Dear YA,

I’m on the GA Peach Book Award for Teen Readers Committee. Reading YA allows me to find amazing stories and share them with teens. For me, YA is more in-touch with its readers. More diverse. More in-depth. It’s my goal to try and get everyone to read YA.

—Devera from GA

And another:

I love YA because it is who you are and who you could be.


And finally:

Young adult books are my life! As a middle school librarian, not only do I get to escape into literature, but I also get to introduce students to the magic that awaits them in the books on our library shelves.

—Rachel from TN

Alright, one more:

Dear Marie Lu,

My students and I love your Legend trilogy! I have multiple copies of each book, but they are never on the shelf! I have been able to get a lot of our non-readers reading because they get drawn into the story and can’t wait to keep reading to see what happens next! Thank you for writing such captivating stories that motivates students to read more! I will continue to read and promote your books!



heartsheader_edited-2Download a printable letter here. For more information about our year-long celebration, go here.

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