Book Trailer Thursday: NORSE MYTHOLOGY

This week’s book trailer features Neil Gaiman talking about his latest collection of stories, Norse Mythology. It’s no surprise he chose to revisit these tales. As Ray Olson writes in his Booklist review, “[Gaiman’s] favorite body of myths is. . . the Norse batch, the matter of Odin and Thor and Loki, of Valhalla and Midgard and Hel.”

Although short, Gaiman’s interview gives the viewer hints of the immersion they can expect to experience while reading his book. It’s impossible not to be captivated by such a gifted storyteller promising stories of murder, mystery, and blackmail filled with gods, giants, and dwarfs. And, unlike older books of mythology, Norse Mythology is current and readable—perfect for a modern audience. As Gaiman says, this is a book for anyone with even the slightest interest in Norse myths or, for that matter, anyone who likes Tom Hiddleston. Why? Just watch the trailer.



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Charlotte Chadwick is currently an intern for Booklist. A senior at Lake Forest College, she is studying creative writing and print and digital publishing. When she isn't writing short stories, there's nothing she enjoys more than drinking coffee and dodging questions about her post-grad plans.

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