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Book Trailer Thursday: ALLEGEDLY

Though brief, this week’s featured trailer is too haunting not to share. Slashes of red text and flashes of jail juxtapose images of a pristine nursery. Meanwhile, speaking in tones both soft and self-assured, innocent and eerie, the narrator—16-year-old Mary B. Addison—insinuates that she is ready to tell her side of her story.

Convicted of infanticide at the age of 9, Mary has spent the majority of her life incarcerated, keeping silent about the fateful night her and her mother babysat Alyssa Richardson. Now pregnant, Mary knows the state would never allow her to keep her baby, so she reveals how the murder really unfolded. Tantalized? Allegedly (HarperCollins/Katherine Tegen), Tiffany D. Jackson’s suspenseful YA debut, published on Tuesday. In Booklist‘s starred review, editor Maggie Reagan says it “…wrestles with many intense ideas and ends with a knife twist that will send readers racing back to the beginning again.” Get out and grab a copy before someone spoils the ending!

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Biz Hyzy works as an editorial assistant for Booklist's Adult Books department, where she pilfers the most appealing ARCs before anyone else gets the chance. Besides reading, she enjoys swing dancing and ninja training (though, in her case, both include a lot of bumbling around).

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