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Book Trailer Thursday: Not Quite Narwhal

In what’s quite possibly our cutest BTT to date, Kelp the narwhal happily sleeps in a clam and swims with his friends…but is he really a narwhal? Kelp has always felt different from his peers, despite their inclusiveness; although he shares their characteristic horn, he has four legs instead of fins and needs a helmet to breathe underwater. When a current sweeps Kelp to land, however, he sees other creatures that look like him and starts to discover who he really is.

Infused with whimsy, Jessie Sima’s stop-motion illustrations feature the adorable Kelp paddling through a baby blue ocean. Bubbles float up the screen, accompanied by gentle splashes and calming, acoustic strings. To learn more about this heartwarming tale, check out our Booklist review of Not Quite Narwal (Simon & Schuster), which will be released this Valentine’s Day!

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Biz Hyzy works as an editorial assistant for Booklist's Adult Books department, where she pilfers the most appealing ARCs before anyone else gets the chance. Besides reading, she enjoys swing dancing and ninja training (though, in her case, both include a lot of bumbling around).

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