It’s the (Sanitized) Winner of the 2016 Bad Sex Award!

The Literary Review has announced the winner of its annual Bad Sex in Fiction Award: the Italian writer Erri De Luca, for a passage in his novel The Day Before Happiness, published in the U.S. by Other Press in 2011. It’s worth reading in full—something you can do, of course, over at The Literary Review—but if you’re stuck at work like we are, perhaps you’ll appreciate this sanitized version we’ve created. Bonus: It also works as Madlibs, if you’re into that sort of thing.


This year’s award comes amidst some controversy, or pretend controversy—it’s hard to tell these days—that I wrote about this fall. The Bad Sex judges, however, managed to have a good laugh: “The winning entry is a reminder that, even in the wake of Brexit, Bad Sex knows no borders.”

About the Author:

Eugenia Williamson is the former Associate Editor of Digital Products at Booklist.

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