The Latest Booklist: Spotlight on Continuing Series Nonfiction and Food


The October 1 issue of Booklist magazine is now live. Visit Booklist Online, where you’ll find 276 new reviews and eight new feature articles and lists. The articles will be free to all for the next two weeks—to have unrestricted access, you’ll need to log in. If you aren’t yet a subscriber, or do subscribe but haven’t registered for access, you can take care of that today!

The current issue spotlights continuing series nonfiction and food. Julia Smith extols the virtues of the top 10 continuing series for children. Meanwhile, Angela Leeper delves into disaster with her feature on natural disasters in series nonfiction and her list of the top 10 disaster-science series for youth.

The foodies among you will appreciate Rebecca Vnuk’s top 10 list of the year’s best food books. This issue also marks the maiden voyage of our new regular feature, Trend Alert, designed to alert readers to bursts of publishing activity around a particular subject or theme. This time around, we focus on food microhistories and pantry backstories, which look closely at the food we eat and the drinks we drink.

Also in this issue: Joyce Saricks’ appreciation of the British actress and audiobook narrator Juliet Stevenson, a talent known for her sharp interpretations of classic works.

As you know, you can still find the complete magazine online! Booklist’s digital edition of the October 1 issue is also live. It’s a great new way to explore the magazine from your iPhone, iPad, tablet, Samsung Galaxy, or any other internet-connected device. With the digital issue, subscribers will now get print, online, digital, and archival access to the 22 Booklist and 4 Book Links issues each year! Visit or click the link above to take a peek.

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Eugenia Williamson is the former Associate Editor of Digital Products at Booklist.

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