Always a Bride: Seven Romances for Wedding Season

Wedding RingsJune is often seen as the beginning of the wedding season. For every bride about to have her big day this month, there are countless others who worked tirelessly to make that day happen: photographers, event planners, florists, bakers, and musicians, just to name a few. All and sundry take part in these tales of wedding-based romance. 



The Best Laid PlansThe Best Laid Wedding Plans, by Lynette Austin

Leaving behind her dream job as a wedding planner in Savannah, Jenni Beth Beaumont returns home to Magnolia House, the family mansion, in order to take care of her parents, still recovering from the death of their son Wes. While Jenni Beth endeavors to turn Magnolia House into a destination wedding center, she runs into architectural salvager and heartbreaker Cole Bryson wherever she goes. Cole, once Wes’s best friend, now he seems to have his eye on Magnolia House. Recommend this series-opener to fans of small towns southern romances.



The Care and Feeding of Stray VampiresThe Care and Feeding of Stray Vampiresby Molly Harper

Can vampires be poisoned? Turns out they can. Iris Scanlon, vampire concierge/event-planner extraordinaire is stunned when vampire/secret agent Cletus “Cal” Calix is poisoned while she is working at his home. Since he’s on the run, Cal persuades Iris to let him recuperate at her place. Iris gets a lot more than she bargained for when she takes in this sexy stray. Between helping Cal with his investigation and bickering, she finds herself wondering why she is trying to keep her distance. Snarky, sexy and fun, this is the perfect vampy read for a hot summer day.


Five BridesFive Brides, by Eva Marie Everson

Based on a true story, this sweet, inspirational romance takes place in 1950’s Chicago. After years of correspondence, pen pals Joan Hunt and Evelyn Alexander are finally meeting in the Windy City. Before Evelyn arrives, Joan meets Betty Estes. Through Betty, Joan finds a job and  a place for her and Evelyn to live: an apartment to be shared with Betty and twin sisters Inga and Magda Christenson.

On a rare day when these five very different women all find themselves at home, they see the most beautiful wedding dress in the window of Carson Pirie Scott. Although none of them have boyfriends, they decide to pool their money and buy the dress. Over the next six years, each girl ends up wearing it.


In Your DreamsIn Your Dreams, by Kristan Higgans

Emmaline Neal can’t go to her ex-fiancee’s wedding alone, but there aren’t a lot of options in the tiny town of Manningsport, New York. Jack Holland is the obvious choice: he’s gorgeous and he won’t get the wrong idea. Jack has his own reasons for wanting to get out of town—his ex-wife keeps coming around, and he doesn’t like all the attention he gets for rescuing a group of teenagers from drowning. When Jack and Emmaline end up in bed together, she’s sure it’s just a one time thing. Could it be the happily ever after they’ve both been searching for?



The LuckiestThe Luckiest, by Mila McWarren

Aaron, a New York-based essayist, is back home in Texas for Alex’s wedding, along with a bunch of high-school friends.  Nik, the boy who broke Aaron’s heart, is there, too. It could be the heat or wedding fever, but Aaron is tempted to give Nik another chance—at least in the bedroom; he’s not sure if he’s ready to have his heart broken again. Told from Aaron’s point of view, the book gives readers a full dose of the angst and passion that come with returning to the one you thought got away. A good choice for mature young adult readers as well as adults.



Rumor Has ItRumor Has It, by Cheris Hodges

Publicist Liza Palmer is thrilled when her best friends, lawyer Chante Britt and senator hopeful Robert Montgomery, become engaged. One day, while helping Chante with her wedding plans, Liza gets a brilliant idea about Robert’s campaign and rushes to his office—only to catch him in a compromising position with another woman. When Robert turns Chante against her, Liza goes to his opponent, Jackson Franklin, to try to take Robert down. Just because Jackson doesn’t believe in dirty politics doesn’t mean doesn’t want to get to know Liza better.


The Shocking Secret of at the WeddingThe Shocking Secret of a Guest at the Wedding, by Victoria Alexander

Jackson Channing is the son of the vice president of a New York family bank. Much to his surprise, he is also the heir apparent to a family fortune and an English estate. Happy to meet a new side of his family and to see the ancestral home he will one day inherit, he is happier still to meet a woman named Teddy.

After the death of her father, Lady Theodosia “Teddy” Winslow is trying to make ends meet as an event planner. She has no use for marriage, but is being pushed to marry an awful cousin. Ever the American hero, Jack swoops in and offers to marry her in name only to help her avoid such a horrible fate.  As marriages of convenience go, theirs evolves from acting to reality in no time at all. Lush period details and witty dialogue round out this historical.


More wedding madness:

Always the Baker, Finally the Bride, by Sandra Bricker

Always the Bridesmaid, by Lindsey Kelk

Any Man of Mine, by Rachel Gibson

Barefoot in White, by Roxanne St. Claire

The Bollywood Bride, by Sonali Dev

Brown-eyed Girl, by Lisa Kleypass

Call Me Irresistible, by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Can’t Hurry Love, by Christie Ridgway

The Cowboy Takes a Bride, by Lori Wilde

The Devil’s in the Details, by Kimberly Raye

Dictatorship of the Dress, by Jessica Topper

Dog Day Wedding, by Rich Amooi

Don’t Tell the Wedding Planner, by Aimee Carson

Four Weddings and a Werewolf, by Kristin Miller (ebook only)

Friends to Lovers, by Christi Barth

Happy Ever After, by Nora Roberts

Heartsong Cottage, by Emily March

The Marrying Season, by Candace Camp

Miss Molly Robbins Designs Seduction, by Jayne Fresina

One Summer, by Joann Rose

Picture Perfect, by Janice Thompson

Possessed by a Warrior, by Sharon Ashwood

Ready to Wed, by Cindi Madsen

Sensual Confessions, by Brenda Jackson

Something Sweeter, by Candis Terry

In Sickness and in Elf, by A. E. Jones

Tempting the Bride, by Sherry Thomas

That Touch of Magic, by Lucy March

Three Promises, by Lily Everett

Wedding Beat, by Devan Sipher

What He’s Been Missing, by Grace Octavia




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