Hostile Questions: Hannah Moskowitz

Moskowitz (center) as, apparently, bloody Marilyn Monroe?

Moskowitz (center) as, apparently, bloody Marilyn Monroe?

By the age most of us were still fairly certain we would one day play video games professionally, Hannah Moskowitz was publishing books. And she hasn’t stopped: in a ridiculous seven years, she’s published nine novels, from the painfully gritty Break, to the darkly fantastical Teeth, to the dreamy realism of Invincible Summer, to the mischievous middle-grade Marco Impossible. This pace, of course, is impossible, leaving us at HQ Headquarters to speculate that she’s got some kind of James Patterson-style warehouse of ghost-writer Moskowitzes. Time to investigate, and quick, before the next three books drop.

Just who do you think you are?

Jewish queer mermaid princess, been in the same pajamas for three days, dropping empty cat food cans on the floor, cursing you out in sign language behind your back. I probably have more awards than you, especially if we count the swim team trophies (got a big one for best sportsmanship, bitches). And I just turned 25.

gena finnWhere do you get off?

At 46th/Bliss St. in Queens, right now, but I’m moving in two weeks. Then it’s gonna be White Flint. It’s never heard of you either.

What’s the big idea?

You know when you were watching the first Democratic debate and you were like, this is good and all, but so far no one’s come in with blowtorches for the patriarchy? It’s basically that.

What is your problem, man?

Deadlines. Got a moving truck coming, got a book coming out, got edits due next week, got Hostile Questions due today.

Haven’t you done enough?

Sure have. Buy Gena/Finn out now!



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