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Book Trailer Thursday: Smoke

In Smoke (Doubleday), Dan Vyleta explores how people in England circa 1900 would’ve behaved if their bodies exuded Smoke whenever they submitted to their immoral thoughts or instincts. In the trailer, an epic score captures the novel’s adventurous spirit: a gray mist unfurls over images of Big Ben and a chandelier, obscuring them the same way Smoke clouds the characters’ judgement. The haziness implies danger and mystery, but it is also entrancing and alluring, similar to the pull of sin.

I think we can all agree that both the concept of Smoke and the video are pretty darn cool. As the trailer ominously suggests at the end, you should,”Surrender to the Smoke,” when the book comes out this May. In the meantime, check out Booklist‘s starred review, which is linked above.



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