26 Cats Who Love Books More than You Do

Cats are pretty uninhibited when it comes to expressing their love of books—like this one, basking in the throes of literary worship.


Many cats are hardworking library and bookseller cats. Like this precious rat exterminator . . .



. . . or this watchful attendant.


Dignified and regal, they preside over book stacks.

Bookstore cat


They know how to get to the hard-to-reach spots . . .

Book Im Looking For


. . . and when to pop out and lend a helping paw.



They monitor reshelving.



(Some better than others.)




They don’t mind working for tips.


They just love books so much!

Little free library cat


They love reading books.

cat .



They love being read to.



They read while they eat.



Some can be protective of their reading materials.



VERY protective.



Some cats love books so much they work as professional book endorsers!


Some even get book deals, like Dewey, the small town library cat who touched the world.



Some take starring roles in fiction, like in Clea Simon’s Kittens Can Kill.

Kittens Can Kill

And boy do we know Kittens CAN Kill (with cuteness). Find more of Clea Simon’s cat capers like Panthers Play for Keeps, and Cats Can’t Shoot.



All that work can make cats tired, of course.



Really tired.

Pickering Library Cat

Via Tumblr


Really, really tired.

sleeping on books


Books are so comfortable!

cats love books


You’ll never look as good on a pile of books as your cat. Not even you, Gwyneth.



Your dog won’t, either.



Nope. Sorry little girl.







cats and books



So cute it hurts!




Sleeping Reading

Via http://www.coloraddict.com/images/SashaReading2.jpg





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  1. Dyta says:

    So cuteee…. 😀

  2. colleen fisher says:

    oooooh, love me some kitties! want to bury my face in all that fur! too sweet!

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