The Oral History Podcast, Episode 12: Worst Dude Ever


In this episode of the Oral History Podcast, we unpack traditional cultural lessons regarding masculinity. We started discussing some of this on Twitter under the hashtag #WorstDudeEver and in this episode, we talk about six young-adult titles that showcase aspects of masculinity that are complex and troubling. Do you have recommendations that deconstruct masculinity? Tell us what you think on Twitter @CarrieMesrobian and @ChristaDesir, or via email (feedback AT theoralhistorypodcast DOT com).

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Our Current Reads


The War That Saved My Life, by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
Fates & Furies, by Lauren Groff


Raging Star, by Moira Young
The Narcotic Farm, by Nancy D. Campbell


2nd Annual WriteLadyHeadRight Flash Fiction Tumblr & submission guidelines
My So-Called Life: the scene when Jordan Catalano holds Angela’s hand
On the slobby dress of men & the movie Clueless
Anatomy of a Country Music Song series
Angie Manfredi on Twitter @misskubelik
Iron John: A Book About Men, by Robert Bly
Starhawk, author & activist
A collection of romance novels edited by Christa
“Best Of Grindr” on Instagram
Sabaa Tahir on research and world-building in An Ember in the Ashes


“As an underclassman who suddenly has to be the quarterback while working a job and taking care of his grandmother without any help from parents, I’m here to say that being a man is complicated.”

Recommended Reads (listed in the order in which they were discussed)

Fever Pitch, by Heidi Cullinan
Jellicoe Road, by Melina Marchetta
All-American Boys, by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely
Winger, by Andrew Smith
September Girls, by Bennett Madison
An Ember in the Ashes, by Sabaa Tahir

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“Sure I get the ladies but I basically have no education or idea of what to do with my life post-football. So, yeah.”

About This Podcast

Carrie Mesrobian and Christa Desir are two good friends who happen to be YA authors interested in discussing sex. The idea for The Oral History Podcast came out of their daily dog-walking conversations when they realized that others might be as interested in this topic as they were. Each podcast focuses on a topic of sexuality in the lives of teens. Previous podcasts have included discussions about masturbation, first kisses, cheating, illicit relationships, oral sex, and “girl talk” to name a few. Frank, engaging, and filthy, these two podcasters will leave you laughing, blushing, or ready to start writing sex scenes in your novel in an authentic and excellent way.

About the Author:

Christa Desir writes contemporary YA fiction. Her forthcoming novel, Other Broken Things, will be published in January 2016 by Simon Pulse. Visit her online at, and follow her on Twitter at @ChristaDesir. Carrie Mesrobian is the author of three YA novels, most recently Cut Both Ways (2015). Visit her online at, and find her on Twitter at @CarrieMesrobian.

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