Book Podcast: Breakfast at the Bookstore

bookgroupbuzziconPodcasts about books and reading are gaining in popularity. They are a great way to find new books to read for yourself or your book group. But podcast conversations can also provide the same kind of delights that a book group can provide—the joy of hearing another person’s perspectives on a book and the ways in which you learn about someone from their reading.

Recently, I had the pleasure of participating in a podcast conversation with University Book Store booksellers Brad and Nick for their 23rd installment of “Breakfast at the Bookstore.” Nick, who used to write for Book Group Buzz, is a passionate reader, and Brad shares his knowledge of older works of literature with wit and rare insight.

“Breakfast at the Bookstore” is a wonderful addition to the world of book podcasts. For one, Brad and Nick are so insightful about what they read and why while providing background on a plethora of writers. They have also had some wonderful guests from the Seattle book world like George Carroll and Nancy Pearl.

Here is what we discussed in our podcast conversation:

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Misha Stone is a readers' advisory librarian with The Seattle Public Library. Follow her on Twitter at @ahsimlibrarian.

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