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More Questions Authors Hate to Answer

Likely StoriesA few weeks ago, at a panel discussion for aspiring authors, Keir Graff started a conversation about the questions he, as an author, hated being asked. Whether in an interview, or in passing conversation, he’d been asked some pretty cringe-worthy inquiries: “How much money do you make?”, “Where do you get your ideas?”, and a particularly silly one, “If your book was made into a movie, who would play the characters?”. Feeling that a conversation about inappropriate or offensive questions to authors was worth having on a larger scale, we posed the question “What questions do you hate?” to the twitter-sphere and got some awe-inspiring gems in response:

Why haven't I heard of youKeir Graff (@Booklist_Keir) - Twitter 2014-11-14 11-05-19 Movies

Here’s a difficult question to ask a mom:

Women Bad Questions

We found out that sometimes questions are gendered:Maggie

Gender - PembertonGender - RobertScowler


Peruse the rest and enjoy the cringe, and if you ever find yourself pinned to your chair in an interview you can’t take control of, take the lovely advice of this smarty pants:




Questions Responses





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