Fortunately, Neil Gaiman

This is not the first time I have posted about Neil Gaiman, an author much beloved by my household. I recently put forward my theories of therapeutic reading, and I had opportunity to do further research this week. I know, I work too hard.  Now then: are you world-weary?  Are you cynical? Would you be suffering from ennui if you even cared enough to suffer?  I suggest:  Fortunately, the Milk.  This 128 page gem is for children up to age 102, and guaranteed to perk up your attitude.

anielgaiman2Okay, I admit, we listened to the audio version because Gaiman is the reader, and he could not be a better one.  Not all writers shine when reading aloud, even when its their own work.  Gaiman does, and we were entertained during what would have been a tedious car ride. I hope you don’t mind glitches in the space-time continuum because Gaiman plays fast and loose with time, enough so that when the book was over we started again, just to make sure we had caught everything.

If your friends, rellies or book club members are taking road trips this summer, tell them about this title.  You can reconvene after your wanderings and share your impressions. And if you are going by way of floaty ball person carrier, (the original name of the hot air balloon!) be sure to pack some brown hairy wet white crunchers (you’ll have to read the book to find out what those are) for snacking.



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