Discussable Duets: Pairing fiction and nonfiction

mystery-month-2014For book groups that gravitate towards fiction, but ask for nonfiction just to shake things up, consider pairing a novel with a narrative nonfiction book that share a similar theme.

For Mystery Month at Booklist, pair these two books.detroit

Say Nice Things About Detroit by Scott Lasser tells the story of a former son of Detroit who left to pursue the good life and returns when his good life turns into a shambles. Upon his arrival, David observes the decline of the once majestic Motor City. He is grimly determined to stick it out and give back to the hometown that shaped him. This includes investigating the murder of his high school sweetheart and her brother and helping a wayward inner-city teen find a way out of Detroit.

Charlie detroitleduffLeDuff is another of Detroit’s favorite sons and he takes a straight-eyed, heartbreaking look at the city in his civic memoir, Detroit: An American Autopsy.

Detroit may have the highest murder rate in the country, but LeDuff is far more interested in investigating what caused Detroit’s decline and he digs deep to learn who benefits most from a city spiraling out of control from top administration to the many potholes in the streets.

Readers may well wonder if their own cities, or the nation, are following in the dismal footsteps of Detroit.




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