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For three Public Library Association conferences in a row, I’ve been joined by a panel of rock star reader’s advisors for a program we like to call “The Top 5”. This is where we take five fiction genres (or this year, nonfiction categories!) and give a quick-and-dirty list of books and authors you should know about, even if you don’t read in that area.

The idea is explored further in this article I wrote for Public Libraries, but the gist is basically the notion that no one has time to read everything in our collections, even if we wanted to. But patrons expect us to be knowledgeable about every book and author.  So the best way to get around this is by knowing a little bit of good stuff about a lot of your collection.

Here are links to this year’s handouts: TOP FIVE NONFIC PLA 2014 HANDOUT, and to the slideshow: TOP FIVE NONFIC PLA 2014 SLIDES.

We certainly hope we’ll be on the PLA roster again in 2016!  Let me know if there are some specific genres you’d like to see!

About the Author:

Rebecca Vnuk is the Executive Director of LibraryReads. She was formerly the Editor, Reference and Collection Management, for Booklist Publications.

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