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Of late, I have flitted restively from book to book, unable to alight anywhere for long. This happens to me sometimes. If only there were a blog I could consult for book suggestions…hmm…well, never mind.  In the meantime I have my old standby: the kitchen diariescookbooks. I need to consult them anyway during the course of each week, so why not peruse them in place of a novel while I lie abed in the evening? If I can’t get myself to read David Copperfield, then I can at least read about how to make a Yorkshire Pudding (it’s quite simple really!). Though a traditional cookbook might not always make the most absorbing evening reading, some food writing does just that, and makes a tasty book group choice as well.

A homemade LifeLocal blogger, author and restaurantaur Molly Wizenberg never fails to delight me. In A Homemade Life she recounts tales of Berg, her larger than life father, her student days in France and her charmed first meeting with her now husband. Each essay concludes with a recipe; please try the Bouchons Au Thon.  Consider reading Wizenberg’s book, or portions thereof, and cooking a few of the dishes for a meeting.

Nigel Slater is another food writer who I like to curl up with, so to speak.  The Kitchen Diaries, his twelve month reflection on the meals he creates from his garden, has just been reprinted.  His essays about eating with the seasons are a calming pleasure to read and cook from.  And you will be quite smitten with the photographs, which is sometimes the whole point of these books.  Even people who disdain all thing edible can appreciate a well-lit, saucily-posed fig tartlet.




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