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Fascinating insights into an author’s experience narrating her own book – that’s what you’ll find on Fogelin’s blog post titled “Doing the Voices.” She carefully notes the details of narrating Crossing Jordan, a favorite of my middle school students, for Full Cast Audio. The book is a strong story of friendship in the face of prejudice, with two girls drawn together by their love of running & the novel Jane Eyre. This title would make a great pairing with Gary Schmidt’s Okay for Now, which also features two friends brought together by Jane Eyre. Fogelin does a great job capturing the Southern dialects and youthful voices, with plenty of variation to give each character a clear personality. The name of the publisher is Full Cast, but this title is part of their “One Voice” imprint, and Fogelin does a great job “Doing the Voices.” Here’s an especially good quote from her blog:

My love of story began with the sound of my mother’s voice.
I was a halting early reader, but as my mother read aloud, Dr. Doolittle and Alice and Toad of Toad Hall all spoke to me.  She gave each a distinctive voice with idiosyncrasies of pitch and pace.
Because of this early association of story and sound I grew up to be a writer who hears the words first, often speaking them aloud, testing their sound before putting them on paper.
It can be an embarrassing way to work, but if you think about it, the written word only appeared when the human tribe became too widely scattered to sit around a common fire.
For me, a story well-told requires the sound of a human voice.
Which brings me to the reason for this post. June is Audiobook Month, a celebration that will never rival Christmas, or even Labor Day, but a worthy one nonetheless.  Audiobook Month!   A celebration of story and voice.



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Mary Burkey is an independent library consultant in Columbus (OH). An enthusiastic audiophile, she has served on all four of ALA's audiobook award committees as well as the Audies. In addition to writing the "Voices in My Head" column for Booklist, she is the author of Audiobooks for Youth: A Practical Guide to Sound Literature (ALA, 2013). Follow her on Twitter at @mburkey.

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