Do you ever consider using  novels that are marketed as YA in your book group? Interesting essay in The New York Times the other day about the fine line between adult and YA novels. 

31s2q4hkckl__sl160_.jpgAmong the authors the essay mentions is Peter Cameron, who has written several adult novels and thought he was writing Someday This Pain Will be Useful to You for adults as well,  only to have it published as YA.  In his Booklist review,  Michael  Cart suggests that Cameron’s book will appeal to both teen and adult readers.

host-meyer2.jpgStephenie Meyer is another crossover author. Her hot-selling Twilight series is YA, but she makes her adult-market debut with her latest book,  The Host.  Jennifer Mattson’s Booklist review recommends buying duplicate sets of this and Meyers’ other works, one for  adults and one for YAs.

Michael Cart, who is quoted in the NYT essay,  is working on an article on crossovers for Booklist.

About the Author:

Mary Ellen Quinn is the author of the Historical Dictionary of Librarianship (2014), the former editor of Reference Books Bulletin, and a long-time contributing writer to Booklist.

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