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Book Trailer Thursday: The Wonder

Famous for Room, as well as its Oscar-nominated film adaptation, Donoghue continues to display her mastery of suspense, this time in 1859 Ireland. Lib Wright, a nurse, watches over Anna, an 11-year-old who supposedly hasn’t eaten in four months. Since Anna doesn’t seem emaciated, Lib questions what the rest of the pious town deems a religious miracle and—as the trailer suggests—uncovers […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: We Found a Hat

The third of Klassen’s hat-related romps, We Found a Hat (Candlewick) homes in on the dusky desert, two turtles, and one particularly flattering cowboy hat. Sure, the trailer—aptly accompanied by Burl Ives’ rendition of “Home on the Range”—is streaked with stars, cacti, and delightfully deadpan humor, but, like the book, it’s also laced with just […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: Quit Calling Me a Monster!

Although most will admit that a fuzzy beast with horns, fangs, claws, and crazy eyes might sound pretty ferocious, this week’s Book Trailer Thursday focuses on a character that’s far from monstrous. In fact, he would prefer if you could refrain from that particular modifier. This sensitive purple creature is Floyd Peterson, and he’s the star of Jory John […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo

Do not be deceived: despite this video’s noncommittal charm, you definitely need to get your hands on a copy of Amy Schumer’s most recent success, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo (Gallery). As soon as possible. Since we don’t know anything about Schumer’s bank account (inferences aside, of course—fame pays, as they say), our heartfelt recommendation of […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: Three Dark Crowns

Any video dictated by the eerie chanting of a small child has got to be good, and this week’s Book Trailer Thursday does not disappoint. As the video unfolds, the viewer receives a hair-raising glimpse of Kendare Blake’s much anticipated young adult novel, Three Dark Crowns (HarperTeen). Even if you don’t identify as a die-hard genre addict like […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: How This Book Was Made

The charming characteristic of knowing how to laugh at one’s self is an attribute commonly affirmed, but perhaps never so well exemplified as in this week’s Book Trailer Thursday. In a series of delightfully quirky video fragments, author Mac Barnett and illustrator Adam Rex expose the creative environment that shaped their most recent foray into metafiction: How This Book Was Made (Disney/Hyperion). Acknowledging a […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: I Will Send Rain

With a humbling look to the past, this Thursday’s featured trailer gives life to the subject of Rae Meadow’s newest book I Will Send Rain, (Holt). Through the fictitious, yet unnervingly human, story of the Bull family, this forthcoming historical novel explores the struggles that real families endured during one of America’s most desperate crises: the Dust Bowl. The book trailer […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: The Hamilton Affair

In this week’s installment of Book Trailer Thursday, author Elizabeth Cobbs explores the historical and creative backdrop of her forthcoming novel, The Hamilton Affair (Arcade). Navigating the fierce conflicts and tempestuous romance of America’s most trendy founding father, Cobbs voices her own take on the story of Alexander Hamilton as she brings to life what she calls “one of the most remarkable stories, of all time, as well as […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: You’ll Grow Out of It

Comedian Jessi Klein’s collection of essays navigates the complexities of adulthood, womanhood, and stock shelves at Trader Joe’s (all right, that last one is a joke). The trailer reflects the humorous yet relatable nature of her work—which makes sense, given her experience as a lead writer for big hit comedies like Inside Amy Schumer. In this trailer, […]

Book Trailer Thursday: A Child of Books

This Book Trailer Thursday, celebrate Booklist’s Wednesday Review of the Day—and the impact of imagination—by “sail[ing] across a sea of words” with Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston. For this “sneak peek” of their upcoming homage to literature, A Child of Books (Candlewick)—out this September—prepare to navigate waves of words (Winston is known for his typography), […]

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