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Book Trailer Thursday: Return

Since the release of Caldecott Honor-winner, Journey, in 2013, Aaron Becker has been dazzling readers with exquisitely detailed wordless picture books. In Return (Candlewick), the series finale, Becker’s “dauntless heroine” is back!—this time, with her father. Together, the two journey to the enchanted land of Journey and Quest to take on what Booklist reviewer, Jesse Karp, calls a most “insidious […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: The Storyteller

In today’s video, Evan Turk, author and illustrator of the Storyteller (Atheneum), shows us how he crafted his rich, ancient-yet-modern watercolors about a boy who saves his kingdom from dehydration. The process, which he learned in Morocco (where the story takes place), includes sponging indigo ink, painting with tea and sugar, and watching the colors transform over an […]

Book Trailer Thursday: Painting Pepette

What do you get when you blend buoyant pen-and-ink illustrations, Parisian accordion music, iconic twentieth-century artists, and an adorable rabbit? A ridiculously charming book trailer, of course! Watch as Josette Bobette—of 9 Rue Laffette—and bunny, Pepette, brave the bustling Montmartre of 1920s Paris to secure a most perfect portrait. A tale of one little girl […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: Battlefield Earth

This summer, Galaxy Press is re-releasing a special, twenty-first century edition of L. Ron Hubbard’s Battlefield Earth in both print and audio. In the trailer, a riveting score ramps up the battle’s import while video game-like spaceships bomb a city. The result is very cinematic, which is especially fitting for an audiobook that includes sound effects, musical scores, and 67 actors playing 198 […]

Book Trailer Thursday: Thunder Boy Jr.

Ever considered changing your name? Thunder Boy Jr. has. Lots. Named after his father, Thunder Boy Smith Sr.—known by many as “Big Thunder”—“Little Thunder” is determined to discover a name that not only suits him, but celebrates his many adventures (climbing a mountain, touching a wild orca, and powwow dancing, to name just a few). […]

Book Trailer Thursday: Sea Change

For this week’s BTT, we’re taking a look at Sea Change (TOON), a middle-grade novel written and illustrated by Frank Viva. Eliot resents his parents for sending him to Nova Scotia for summer break. Although he barely tolerates his uncle’s rural lifestyle, he enjoys hanging with the local kids—especially Mary Beth. The child narrator in the trailer reinforces the novel’s diary-like tone, and […]

Book Trailer Thursday: The Ecliptic

While not technically a mystery (sorry, Mystery Month!), Benjamin Wood’s latest novel, The Ecliptic (released May 3rd), does feature a “mysterious island.” And the trailer, complete with howling winds, churning waves, and more than a few shadowy figures, will no doubt leave you hankering for more. Portmantle, a remote retreat somewhere off the Turkish coast, offers struggling […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: Wink Poppy Midnight

The trailer for April Genevieve Tucholke’s Wink Poppy Midnight (Dial) opens with, “Every story needs a hero. Every story needs a villain. Every story needs a secret.” At first, the novel’s three titular protagonists seem to fit these descriptions cleanly, but—as the trailer’s cryptic text suggests—the teenagers’ roles become ambiguous when their fates collide. In the background, eerie branches sway in the […]

Book Trailer Thursday: The Darkest Corners

Who is the Ohio River Monster, you ask? Tessa, the protagonist of Kara Thomas’s psychological thriller, The Darkest Corners (Delacorte), was convinced her eyewitness statement put the right man behind bars. But when an eerily similar murder occurs in Tessa’s rural hometown of Fayette, Pennsylvania, 10 years later, she starts to wonder if Wyatt Stokes, the man convicted […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: Mr. Fahrenheit

Last week, New Leaf Literary & Media sent us some interesting items: iPhone-sized videos embedded in flyers promoting their authors’ latest releases. (Should we call these “book trailer pamphlets”? Definitely an interesting combination of old and new media.) All of them were for youth titles, which seems like a logical demographic targeting. One featured the Mr. Fahrenheit video above—recorded with my […]