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Book Trailer Thursday: I Am Not a Chair!

Unfortunately for Giraffe, a timid critter with a regrettably flat back, fellow jungle creatures have taken to mistaking him for a chair. Here, a massive rhino, hulking hippo, and “human with questionable taste in décor” take turns lounging upon the increasingly irked ruminant as he struggles to find his voice. What will it take for […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: Not Quite Narwhal

In what’s quite possibly our cutest BTT to date, Kelp the narwhal happily sleeps in a clam and swims with his friends…but is he really a narwhal? Kelp has always felt different from his peers, despite their inclusiveness; although he shares their characteristic horn, he has four legs instead of fins and needs a helmet […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: Caterpillar Dreams

Caterpillars have dreams, too—“Incredible, impossible-seeming” ones, at that. And Henri, the pint-sized star of Clive McFarland’s latest picture book, Caterpillar Dreams (Harper), out January 17, knows it. Determined to leave the garden he calls home, Henri floats atop birds, flowers, and fish—all before sprouting wings of his own—in this wonderful watercolor adventure. As Randall Enos […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: The Daily Show (The Book)

Although Jon Stewart retired from The Daily Show in August 2015, fans will not soon forget his legacy in comedy and politics. In The Daily Show (The Book) (Grand Central), which released last month, Chris Smith records the memories the cast, crew, and guests shared while Stewart fronted the Emmy Award-winning news satire. In today’s corresponding […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: Air

“Putting two feet of air between you and the ground feels like being a super hero,” Grey, the daredevil protagonist of Ryan Gattis’ upcoming Air (Adaptive), marvels. Reeling from his mother’s murder, separation from his siblings, and recent relocation to Baltimore, Grey falls in with a covert crowd of stunt riders, BASE jumpers, and social […]

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The Night Before Thanksgiving

Cindy and Lynn: One of our favorite Thanksgiving books is Dav Pilkey’s Thanksgiving spin on the Clement Clarke Moore* poem, “A Visit from St. Nicholas.” ‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving (published in 1990, still in print 26 years later) looks at the holiday from the perspective of children on a school field trip to a farm. […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: Scrappy Little Nobody

This week, Anna Kendrick published her memoir, Scrappy Little Nobody (Touchstone). In anticipation, she also released a series of brief videos about the book. Though little, they certainly aren’t scrappy! In that humorous yet relatable fashion fans have come to expect from Kendrick, she talks about her jitters while writing in the video above. Be sure to also […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: Like Magic

A piano melody trills as a young voice tells us about the friendship of poet Grace, painter Jada, and musician Malia. At the end of a summer turned upside-down, when loss and change seem unbearable, the three 10-year-olds are granted hope and comfort in the form of a hidden note in a secret box of the […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: Phoenix

This week’s trailer opens like an episode of The Twilight Zone: ethereal mist slowly trickles over a black screen as a hushed narrator describes Lucky’s strange dream-ventures into space. The background jingles intensify as the constellations brighten, and Lucky—drawn like a two-toned comic character—reaches for a white-hot star. Suddenly, he awakes in his corporeal form, his bedsheet […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: Du Iz Tak?

Be warned: today’s video is no book trailer! It is, rather, a brief interview with author/illustrator extraordinaire Carson Ellis. To promote the release of her latest picture book, Du Iz Tak? (Candlewick), Ellis taks, er, talks early artistic memories, great advice she’s received, and the creation of a wonderfully nonsensical language. A glimpse into the lives […]

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