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Book Trailer Thursday: Officer Panda, Fingerprint Detective

Ashley Crowley is probably really good at “Two Truths and a Lie.” I’ll have a go for him: 1) Writes and illustrates books for kiddos; 2) Captures criminals and brings them to justice; 3) Prefers red lifesaver candies over all other colors. Can you guess which statement is a lie?? Believe it or not, it’s […]

Book Trailer Thursday: Moletown

Torben Kuhlmann’s Moletown (NorthSouth) is a poignant picture book with an unmistakable message about caring for the environment, and emotionally evocative, technically accurate artwork, writes Sarah Hunter in her starred review. The trailer turns the book’s stunning, two-dimensional spreads into a moving, 3D mole-world that’s sure to please young ones—and those who read with them!

Book Trailer Thursday: Leo: A Ghost Story

Maggie Reagan says Leo: A Ghost Story (Chronicle) is a picture book that’s sure to warm hearts. Ghost, picture book, heartwarming? We’re nearing Halloween, but this is no Halloween-y ghost story. A perfect fit for this book about friendship and imagination, the adorable trailer features real kids telling us what they think of ghosts–and there […]

Book Trailer Thursday: The Rain Wizard

In 1915, Charles Mallory Hatfield was traveling the country “coaxing” rain out of the skies in even the most arid regions. He was so good at it, city-council members in San Diego offered him $10,000 if he could fill their reservoirs and end their drought. What happened next was both success and tragedy—it rained so […]

Book Trailer Thursday: City on Fire

Garth Risk Hallberg’s debut novel City on Fire has been making waves for two years already–ever since Knopf secured its publishing rights in a two-day bidding war in 2013. And if that kind of buzz seems nearly impossible to live up to, well, it’s not: prepub praise has been off the charts, too. In the […]

Book Trailer Thursday: Why Not Me?

Last week, while we were featuring Mindy Kaling’s new book Why Not Me? (Crown Archetype) as one of our reviews of the week, the author was busy avoiding an elevator scam (SEE above). Fans of Kaling’s sitcom will recognize the former flame, the elevator and, of course, the sense of humor.

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Book Trailer Thursday: Undermajordomo Minor

With Undermajordomo Minor (Ecco), Patrick DeWitt, author of 2011’s hit The Sisters Brothers has “another askew masterpiece on his hands.” (And one interesting title, am I right?) Plus, here’s a 100-point, cross-format readers’-advisory bonus! In her starred Booklist review, Becky Spratford writes: “Readers who love The Princess Bride or the movies of the Cohn brothers […]

Book Trailer Thursday: The Clasp

Amanda Seyfried says Sloane Crosley’s first novel The Clasp (Farrar) is just like her glass of wine: “Spicy, fruity, great on the subway.” If that comparison doesn’t hook you, just wait—she has several even more apt connections for you. I reviewed The Clasp, a book I thoroughly enjoyed, for Booklist, and I think it—in addition […]

Book Trailer Thursday: Space Dumplins

Calling all comics fans! And fans of smart chickens, whale-poop humor, and interstellar adventures. Craig Thompson, of the beloved Blankets, among others, has a new middle-grade offering this month. Of Space Dumplins (Scholastic/Graphix), Sarah Hunter writes, “With thrilling adventure, a stalwart and good-hearted hero, some well-timed laughs, and a meaningful message at its heart, this […]

Book Trailer Thursday: The Story of Diva and Flea

If you, like many, can’t wait for the October release of the Mo Willems and Tony DiTerlizzi collaboration, The Story of Diva and Flea (Disney), here’s something to tide you over. For nine minutes, while they sit in a Northampton, Massachusetts bistrot, hear the two discuss their four-legged main characters, Parisian inspiration, and the hunt for […]