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Book Trailer Thursday: Work Like Any Other

Adult books editor Donna Seaman heralded Virginia Reeves’ historical novel Work Like Any Other (Scribner), out this month, in Booklist‘s first Spotlight on Book Discussions, December 15, 2015 issue, predicting the novel’s many themes to spark inspired discussion among readers of all kinds. If you anticipated book-club demand in your own library and ordered several copies—or if you didn’t yet—you’ll […]

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Book Trailer Thursday BONUS: The Great American Whatever

Tim Federle reflects on recording the audiobook of his newest title, The Great American Whatever. Federle’s first two author-narrated audiobooks—Better Nate Than Ever & Five, Six, Seven, Nate!—were both named Odyssey Honor titles, so get ready for another must-have addition to your collection. Alert readers have noticed this is our second Book Trailer Thursday post […]

Book Trailer Thursday: The Nest

Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney’s debut novel, The Nest (Ecco), focuses largely on family dynamics, especially that special brand of bickering that ensues when siblings are forced to work together. Although the trailer for the highly anticipated family drama doesn’t reveal any plot points, it does include a gaggle of celebrities—such as The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s Ellie Kemper—dishing on […]

Book Trailer Thursday: Julius Zebra

Julius is just your everyday, average zebra until fate forces him to become a hero. Captured from his local watering hole by Roman soldiers, Julius is dragged to the Colosseum where he must—gasp!—fight gladiators. Until a clever solution is reached, that is. Julia Smith promises that author and illustrator Gary Northfield leaves the ending of Julius Zebra: Rumble with the Romans […]

Book Trailer Thursday: Two New Book-to-TV Adaptations

As has been previously cited, we have an officially unofficial rule here at the Booklist Reader that any book trailer featuring James Franco earns a Book Trailer Thursday spot; our judges have confirmed that this one qualifies, though technically it’s a trailer for a TV show. The adaptation of Stephen King’s alternate-history 11/22/63 (Scribner, 2011), […]

Book Trailer Thursday: Salt to the Sea

I must admit that the title of today’s BTT is a little bit of a lie—the actual Salt to the Sea (Philomel) trailer can be found here. Instead, I’ve chosen to post this eight-minute video of Ruta Sepetys’ discussing the frame, setting, and her own extensive research for her new historical novel, alongside some truly extraordinary photos. I think […]

Book Trailer Thursday: The Haters

In the trailer for his new novel The Haters (Abrams), Jesse Andrews says everything goes “completely horribly” when he tries to talk and play his guitar at the same time. Clearly, the same thing doesn’t happen when he’s writing and being funny, or turning his first book, the much loved Me and Earl and the […]

Book Trailer Thursday: Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book)

This week on BTT, we celebrate the first-ever Booklist Spotlight on Humor. . .-ous Alligators! Snappsy, of Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book) (Penguin), didn’t ask to be in this book trailer either, and yet. . . Here, as in the book, a narrator takes control of the scene, adding […]

Book Trailer Thursday: Sudden Death

In celebration of the publication of Álvaro Enrigue’s Sudden Death, out this week, Riverhead is releasing a series of videos of staff having a go at phrases in the Purépecha language. Diego Báez calls the book “joyfully disorienting,” and says it will “reward readers who won’t mind feeling like wanderers lost in the increasingly erudite […]

Book Trailer Thursday: A Big Surprise for Little Card

As if the book wasn’t lively enough (its splashy star, Little Card, has not only legs but gym shoes and a career!), Candlewick went and made a trailer to accompany it. The major players from the infectious world about cards, A Big Surprise for Little Card (Candlewick), are all here, and they have some nifty accessories. There’s […]