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Book Trailer Thursday: The Bazaar of Bad Dreams

Stephen King, the prolific master of horror, is back again with a new collection of short stories that was released earlier this season. He has come far since the days of Carrie and Pet Semetary, when he was labeled a “genre author” as his characters were pitted against eerie monsters that possessed supernatural forces. The […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: HAPPY!

In 2013, Pharrell Williams released his hit song “Happy,” which instantly became a recognizable anthem of positive vibes as it rose to the top of the Billboard charts and dominated airtime on the most popular radio stations. Now, the song has been transformed into a picture book for young audiences, featuring cheerful photos of a diverse group […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: Rainn Wilson’s The Bassoon King

Grab a pen, or ready your pinkies and pointers for some CTRL+C-ing, because I have a big book-trailer knowledge bomb for you: people who are good at being on TV are also really good at making book trailers. Today’s stunning example comes from Rainn Wilson, promoting his new book The Bassoon King: My Life in […]

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Exclusive Book Trailer Reveal for E. Katherine Kottaras’ How to Be Brave
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Exclusive Book Trailer Reveal for E. Katherine Kottaras’ How to Be Brave

We at the Booklist Reader are thrilled to share an exclusive reveal of the interactive trailer for E. Katherine Kottaras’ How to Be Brave (St. Martin’s). In the book, available today, teen Georgia considers her recently-deceased mother’s advice to be brave by making a bucket list of things that scare her. Booklist reviewer Molly Horan says How to Be […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: Officer Panda, Fingerprint Detective

Ashley Crowley is probably really good at “Two Truths and a Lie.” I’ll have a go for him: 1) Writes and illustrates books for kiddos; 2) Captures criminals and brings them to justice; 3) Prefers red lifesaver candies over all other colors. Can you guess which statement is a lie?? Believe it or not, it’s […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: Moletown

Torben Kuhlmann’s Moletown (NorthSouth) is a poignant picture book with an unmistakable message about caring for the environment, and emotionally evocative, technically accurate artwork, writes Sarah Hunter in her starred review. The trailer turns the book’s stunning, two-dimensional spreads into a moving, 3D mole-world that’s sure to please young ones—and those who read with them!

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Book Trailer Thursday: Leo: A Ghost Story

Maggie Reagan says Leo: A Ghost Story (Chronicle) is a picture book that’s sure to warm hearts. Ghost, picture book, heartwarming? We’re nearing Halloween, but this is no Halloween-y ghost story. A perfect fit for this book about friendship and imagination, the adorable trailer features real kids telling us what they think of ghosts–and there […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: The Rain Wizard

In 1915, Charles Mallory Hatfield was traveling the country “coaxing” rain out of the skies in even the most arid regions. He was so good at it, city-council members in San Diego offered him $10,000 if he could fill their reservoirs and end their drought. What happened next was both success and tragedy—it rained so […]

Book Trailer Thursday: City on Fire

Garth Risk Hallberg’s debut novel City on Fire has been making waves for two years already–ever since Knopf secured its publishing rights in a two-day bidding war in 2013. And if that kind of buzz seems nearly impossible to live up to, well, it’s not: prepub praise has been off the charts, too. In the […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: Why Not Me?

Last week, while we were featuring Mindy Kaling’s new book Why Not Me? (Crown Archetype) as one of our reviews of the week, the author was busy avoiding an elevator scam (SEE above). Fans of Kaling’s sitcom will recognize the former flame, the elevator and, of course, the sense of humor.

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