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Book Trailer Thursday: AFTER THE FALL

After the Fall (MacmillanChildrens) follows bird-watching enthusiast Humpty Dumpty, post-fall, as he overcomes his trauma to once again do what he loves. Based on the nursery rhyme, this is a story about finding the courage to face your fears and learning how to get back up. Despite the somewhat creepy soundtrack to the trailer, this […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: THE WIZARDS OF ONCE

In the first book of a new series by the author of How to Train Your Dragon, Warriors and Wizards come together in The Wizards of Once to fight against a dark power that’s more important than their constant feuding. As Maggie Reagan says in her Booklist review, “A cheeky, unidentified narrator sets the tone, and Cowell’s […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: I AM ALFONSO JONES

Tony Medina exposes the devastation of police brutality in his new YA graphic novel, I Am Alfonso Jones. Just when Alfonso seems to have life figured out, a police officer shoots him while he’s out shopping for a new suit. The story then follows Alfonso into the afterlife, where he watches his friends and family […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: HER RIGHT FOOT

Shawn Harris’ beautiful cut paper and ink illustrations accompany an informal and good-humored profile on Lady Liberty in the trailer for Dave Eggers’ Her Right Foot (Chronicle Books). Eggers provides all the usual facts about the giant lady—­her height, her weight, how she was a gift from the French—with a unique focus on her lower […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: RUNNY BABBIT RETURNS

The trailer for Shel Silverstein’s Runny Babbit Returns will warm the heart of anyone familiar with the beloved children’s poet. It is a collection of 41 never-before-published poems and drawings, which features Runny and other endearing characters who speak a topsy-turvy language all their own. As Booklist editor Ilene Cooper says in her review, “Kids will laugh out […]

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The clicking, gurgling, coffee-table shaped alien vuuv originally landed on Wrigley Field sometime in the early 1950s. Promising advanced technology, state-of-the-art healthcare, and a coveted spot in the “Interspecies Co-Prosperity Alliance,” the vuuv effortlessly secured human compliance. Decades later, however, the human economy has collapsed, the environment is desiccated, and high school senior Adam Costello […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: UNRAVELING OLIVER

At this year’s Book Expo America, award-winning radio and TV writer Liz Nugent introduced her first novel, a thriller that was named Crime Fiction Book of the Year at the Irish Book Awards. Unraveling Oliver (Simon & Schuster / Scout) begins when title character Oliver—loosely based on a real-life Irish criminal—savagely and unexpectedly attacks his […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: ON A MAGICAL DO-NOTHING DAY

The trailer for Beatrice Alemagna’s On A Magical Do-Nothing Day (Harper Kids) captures the magic of the book’s illustrations with animation. It shows the story of a child  forced to find fun outdoors when Mom takes away their video game. Outside, the child runs into four snails that demonstrate how fun a boring, rainy day can […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: DISAPPEARED

This week’s trailer introduces Francisco X. Stork’s YA novel, Disappeared (Scholastic). Publishing in September, the book explores human trafficking and abduction in Mexico through the character of Sara, a journalist who specializes in writing stories about missing women and girls. Her brother Emiliano struggles with finding ways to support their family, but when he thinks he’s […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: THE LIBRARY OF FATES

In this week’s video, YA author Aditi Khorana introduces her “feminist historical fantasy,” The Library of Fates (Penguin/Razorbill). Set in a magical ancient India, the book tells the story of Princess Amrita, a young woman whose harmonious kingdom is suddenly threatened by the brutal Emperor Sikander. To appease him and save her people, Amrita offers […]