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Book Trailer Thursday: THE HATE U GIVE by Angie Thomas

Angie Thomas’s debut, The Hate U Give, was released last week after much anticipation; with a movie in the works, the popularity of this already-popular novel will only continue to grow. Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, Thomas tackles important issues. Thanks to the trailer, we get to learn more about the author behind the #1 New […]

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This trailer certainly gets us hyped for the epic battle that started everyone’s favorite game, Rock, Paper, Scissors. In this hilariously retold history, Rock, Paper, and Scissors are each the greatest warriors in their respective kingdoms, but what happens when they finally converge in battle? Will the previously undefeated become defeated? To find out the […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: THIS CLOSE TO HAPPY

In her new book This Close to Happy: A Reckoning with Depression (Farrar), Daphne Merkin pushes back against the stigma surrounding mental illness, speaking openly about her lifelong struggle with depression. June Sayers summarizes the content of the book in her Booklist review: “Merkin allows readers inside her head to experience the darkness, as she recalls her […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: A LIFE IN PARTS by Bryan Cranston

In this week’s book trailer, we go behind the scenes as Bryan Cranston narrates his autobiography, A Life in Parts. Cranston’s talent and passion for acting come through in the brief glimpse of the narrative we get here—and an enticing glimpse it is. As Mieko Fujiura-Landers says in his Booklist review, Cranston narrates his text […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: NORSE MYTHOLOGY

This week’s book trailer features Neil Gaiman talking about his latest collection of stories, Norse Mythology. It’s no surprise he chose to revisit these tales. As Ray Olson writes in his Booklist review, “[Gaiman’s] favorite body of myths is. . . the Norse batch, the matter of Odin and Thor and Loki, of Valhalla and Midgard and Hel.” […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: I Hate Everyone, Except You

If questions such as “What are some anecdotal and entertaining stories from the life of television personality Clinton Kelly?” and “Does television personality Clinton Kelly hate me?” have haunted you for years, pick up Kelly’s book, I Hate Everyone, Except You. Although he refuses to answer fan queries such as “How much do you make a […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: ALLEGEDLY

Though brief, this week’s featured trailer is too haunting not to share. Slashes of red text and flashes of jail juxtapose images of a pristine nursery. Meanwhile, speaking in tones both soft and self-assured, innocent and eerie, the narrator—16-year-old Mary B. Addison—insinuates that she is ready to tell her side of her story. Convicted of infanticide […]

Book Trailer Thursday: I Am Not a Chair!

Unfortunately for Giraffe, a timid critter with a regrettably flat back, fellow jungle creatures have taken to mistaking him for a chair. Here, a massive rhino, hulking hippo, and “human with questionable taste in décor” take turns lounging upon the increasingly irked ruminant as he struggles to find his voice. What will it take for […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: Not Quite Narwhal

In what’s quite possibly our cutest BTT to date, Kelp the narwhal happily sleeps in a clam and swims with his friends…but is he really a narwhal? Kelp has always felt different from his peers, despite their inclusiveness; although he shares their characteristic horn, he has four legs instead of fins and needs a helmet […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: Caterpillar Dreams

Caterpillars have dreams, too—“Incredible, impossible-seeming” ones, at that. And Henri, the pint-sized star of Clive McFarland’s latest picture book, Caterpillar Dreams (Harper), out January 17, knows it. Determined to leave the garden he calls home, Henri floats atop birds, flowers, and fish—all before sprouting wings of his own—in this wonderful watercolor adventure. As Randall Enos […]

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