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Book Trailer Thursday: The Party

The book trailer for Robyn Harding’s new domestic drama The Party (Simon & Schuster/Scout) gives tantalizing glimpses into the crisis that arises when Hannah Sanders’ sweet-sixteenth goes sour. A tragic turn to the party at the Sanders’ house will reveal the secrets behind the wealthy family’s superficial perfection—no matter how badly Hannah’s mother wants to pretend […]

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When the doctors removed a tumor from Flora Banks’ brain at the age of 10, she also lost her ability to form new memories. Now, at 17, one memory sticks out—kissing Drake. The trailer for The One Memory of Flora Banks (Philomel) follows Flora as she traverses a tundra, determined to find Drake in Norway […]

Book Trailer Thursday: HOUSE OF FURIES by Madeleine Roux

This week’s book trailer sets a creepy tone for Madeleine Roux’s new book, House of Furies. Those looking for something gothic and supernatural to start out their summer will be thrilled by the story of Louisa Ditton, a young Irish girl who gets hired as a maid at Coldthistle House. It seems like a sanctuary at […]

Book Trailer Thursday: THE LAST OF AUGUST

This week we’re showcasing The Last of August (HarperCollins/Katherine Tegen), Brittany Cavallaro’s latest addition to her Charlotte Holmes trilogy. The book trailer is so well-made it could easily be mistaken for a movie trailer, with everything from live action versions of the characters acting out snippets of scenes to a quick, snappy voice over from protagonist Jamie Watson. […]

Book Trailer Thursday: THE THIRST by Jo Nesbø

The Thirst, the latest installment of the mega-bestselling Harry Hole series, finds our hero up against a vampire. As author Jo Nesbø explains in the interview above, this is no Dracula, but someone who suffers from a psychological disorder that causes him to feel a need to drink blood. Fans of Jo Nesbø won’t want to miss this novel; as Bill Ott […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: CINNAMON by Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman is known for his ability to weave myths and fairy tales, and his latest picture book continues with this trend. In this week’s Book Trailer Thursday, we get a peek at Gaiman’s latest tale Cinnamon, which is beautifully illustrated by Divya Srinivasan. A talking, man-eating tiger is the only one who is able […]

Book Trailer Thursday: REAL FRIENDS by Shannon Hale

Childhood friendships can sometimes be bumpy rides—something that Shannon Hale explores in her new graphic memoir, Real Friends. Young Shannon can’t quite determine who is actually her friend and who isn’t, and she is constantly worrying about what her peers think of her. Hale’s story is punctuated by colorful illustrations from LeUyen Pham, previewed in […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: THE SCATTERING

Book Trailer Thursday takes a titillating turn with Kimberly McCreight’s new YA novel, The Scattering (Harper). The entire trailer is short, only 15 seconds, and shows the sound waves of two panicked voices, one male and one female. We hear Wylie, the female voice, urgently tell the male voice that “they” won’t let her leave and that “they’re” […]

Book Trailer Thursday: WINDFALL by Jennifer E. Smith

What would you do if your best friend (and long-time crush) won the lottery with a ticket you bought him for his birthday? Alice is about to find out, as her best friend Teddy just won $140 million under those circumstances. Author Jennifer E. Smith pitches her latest teen romance, Windfall, in this week’s Book […]

Book Trailer Thursday: JAKE THE FAKE KEEPS IT REAL

While probably best known for his hilarious portrayal of Darryl Philbin on The Office, Craig Robinson’s talents expand far beyond acting. He’s a musician and a comedian. . . and now an author. Our book trailer this week showcases Jake the Fake Keeps it Real (Crown), a middle-grade book he wrote with Adam Mansbach (Go the Fuck to Sleep, […]