Book Trailer Thursday: AFTER THE FALL

After the Fall (MacmillanChildrens) follows bird-watching enthusiast Humpty Dumpty, post-fall, as he overcomes his trauma to once again do what he loves. Based on the nursery rhyme, this is a story about finding the courage to face your fears and learning how to get back up. Despite the somewhat creepy soundtrack to the trailer, this book encourages even the most fearful readers.

As John Peter’s says in his starred Booklist review, “The author gives wings to both his protagonist and his message about the importance of getting back up after a fall, and the realization that recovering from a trauma takes time.”




About the Author:

Enobong Essien is Booklist's first international intern, coming all the way from across the pond. Her favorite 'procrastinate from studying' activities include: reading, writing, crocheting and taking note of all the ways Americans are different than Brits.

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