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Announcing the Booklist Book Safari

Have you ever wanted to know what the person beside you on the train was reading, but didn’t want to be the creep looking over someone’s shoulders? Have I got news for you.

I’m Fiona McMahon, I’m an intern at Booklist, and I’m here to do the creeping for you. I’ll be riding the trains and buses of Chicago hunting for books. I’m going to pay close attention to what my fellow public transit riders are reading on their daily commutes. I’m going to take their pictures, cover their faces with cute animal faces to preserve their privacy, and post the pictures to The Booklist Reader’s Twitter account.

Don’t consider it voyeurism as much as satiating curiosity. Do our tastes align with the bestseller lists? This week’s Sunday Book Review? Fresh Air interview subjects? Or something else altogether? I want to know.

Please join me on my book safari—I’m calling it the Booklist Book Safari—and delve into the not-so-hidden hearts of Chicago’s most commited readers.






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