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Book Trailer Thursday: HER RIGHT FOOT

Shawn Harris’ beautiful cut paper and ink illustrations accompany an informal and good-humored profile on Lady Liberty in the trailer for Dave Eggers’ Her Right Foot (Chronicle Books). Eggers provides all the usual facts about the giant lady—­her height, her weight, how she was a gift from the French—with a unique focus on her lower appendage. The heel of her right foot is raised, indicating that she is in motion, caught mid-stride. Where is she going, and why? Eggers’ take? She is about to meet those heading towards her shores in search of freedom. Lady Liberty is not passively welcoming in the poor, tired, and the oppressed, but actively going out to greet them.

As Booklist reviewer Michael Cart writes, “In a time when immigration is a hot-button issue, it’s good to be reminded that Lady Liberty continues to lift her lamp beside the golden door.”



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