Book Trailer Thursday: I CAN’T MAKE THIS UP

This week’s Book Trailer Thursday introduces the memoir of one of my favorite comedians, Kevin Hart. Hart’s debut, I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons (Simon & Schuster), coauthored by Neil Strauss and released June 6, plumbs the depths of Hart’s humble beginnings in Philadelphia, as well as universal concerns, including sex, relationships, money, parenthood, and naturally, his successful career as a comedian and actor. Through it all, Hart emphasizes that with perseverance, desire, and a bit of faith, anyone can accomplish their dreams.

As Booklist editor Annie Bostrom writes, this is “a truthful, self-deprecating, and funny look at the hard work behind Hart’s success.” And, after five weeks as a New York Times best-seller, it’s safe to say Hart’s memoir is a definite must-read, too.




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