Reviews of the Week, with Leigh Badrugo, E. Lockhart, Nancy Pearl, and More!

Every weekday, we feature a different review on Booklist Online that highlights starred reviews, high-demand titles, and / or titles especially relevant to our current issue’s spotlight. We’ve collected the reviews from June 19 through 23 so that you can revisit the week’s best books.


June 19

Wonder Woman: Warbringer, by Leigh Bardugo

Wonder Woman’s backstory is fairly well-known—Amazon princess, isolated island populated only by women, defender of truth and justice, snappy golden lasso, etc.—but Bardugo breathes zippy new life into the story with a twisty plot, whip-smart characters, and her trademark masterful writing.





June 20

 Borne, by Jeff VanderMeer, narrated by Bahni Turpin

Genre-blender VanderMeer scores again with this post-ecological-disaster and survival sci-fi drama. Rachel is a scavenger, combing the devastated landscape for bits of biotech that her lover, Wick, can use in his drug-manufacturing business. On one mission, she discovers Borne, identifiable neither as plant, animal, nor biotech—yet he lives.


June 21

Children of Refuge, by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Fans of Children of Exile (2016) won’t be disappointed in this sequel: it’s just as thoughtful, swift-paced, and cleverly plotted. Haddix further develops characters by changing the narrator to outspoken Edwy, a contrary rascal who has always teased Rosi for her prim and proper ways.





June 22

 George & Lizzie, by Nancy Pearl

Prominent librarian and dynamic book advocate Pearl has channeled her love for smart, witty, and compassionate fiction into her first novel, an astute, nimble, funny, and affecting love story. Through knotty predicaments both sorrowful and hilarious, Pearl dramatizes a complicated and deeply illuminating union of opposites.


June 23

 Genuine Fraud, by E. Lockhart

Jule, a peripatetic, athletic, superhero-obsessed teen girl is best friends with rich, restless Imogen, who recently committed suicide. When readers meet Jule, she’s lounging at a tony resort in Mexico, eating junk food, and enjoying the sun. It’s clear she’s on the run, though from whom or why isn’t clear.




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