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Every weekday, we feature a different review on Booklist Online that highlights starred reviews, high-demand titles, and / or titles especially relevant to our current issue’s spotlight. We’ve collected the reviews from June 12 through 16 so that you can revisit the week’s best books.


June 12

 The Someday Suitcase, by Corey Ann Haydu

It seems to happen suddenly for Clover. One minute, her best friend Danny is perfectly fine, sitting next to her in their fifth-grade class, as always, and the next, he’s fallen to the floor. Then come the absences from school, and the tests and lack of concrete answers from Danny’s doctors. As far back as Clover can remember, she and Danny have been practically symbiotic, but is there a line between symbiotic and codependent?




June 13

 The Frozen Hours, by Jeff Shaara

Shaara, whose previous series covered the Civil War and World War II, moves now to the Korean War, once again utilizing his familiar and marvelously effective storytelling technique of jumping between several first-person narrators, from generals to foot soldiers, and creating in the process a zoom-lens effect that shows us what warfare feels like both to those who plan campaigns and those who execute them.


June 14

 Little & Lion, by Brandy Colbert

Suzette’s back in California for the summer after spending the year at boarding school in New England, and she’s looking forward to being back home, though she’s nervous about reuniting with her stepbrother, Lion. Before she left for school, she broke a promise to Lion and told their parents his bipolar disorder was getting out of control. Now that she’s back, she’s worried she irrevocably altered their relationship, and while she’s trying to rebuild it, Lion starts to spiral again.




June 15

Madness, by Zac Brewer

Brooke Danvers learns the hard way that the one thing worse than wanting to kill yourself is failing at it. After six weeks as an inpatient, all she wants to do is try again, especially when confronted by overly cautious parents, curious classmates, and an administration that never cared before. At least she has Duckie, her best friend, who is gay and always has her back. Things begin to change when two new men enter her life: Dr. Daniels, her patient and nonjudgmental shrink, and Derek, the handsome new guy who knows exactly what Brooke’s going through. But are Brooke and Derek good for each other?


June 16

 The Late Show, by Michael Connelly

Connelly debuts a new series starring a female detective, Renée Ballard, who has been exiled to the night shift after unsuccessfully challenging the LAPD’s old-boy network by bringing sexual-harassment charges against her boss. Chafing at the lot of the “late show” detective, who must launch investigations only to turn them over to the day shift when morning comes, Renée continues to investigate, off the books, two crimes that land on her plate: the beating of a prostitute and the murder of a cocktail waitress.




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