Book Trailer Thursday: THE SCATTERING

Book Trailer Thursday takes a titillating turn with Kimberly McCreight’s new YA novel, The Scattering (Harper). The entire trailer is short, only 15 seconds, and shows the sound waves of two panicked voices, one male and one female. We hear Wylie, the female voice, urgently tell the male voice that “they” won’t let her leave and that “they’re” lying. The male voice tells her to trust her instincts before the screen wavers and the only sound is a dial tone.

The second book in the Outliers trilogy, The Scattering picks up six weeks after the end of The Outliers (2016). Wylie is an “Outlier,” one of the few women with an extraordinary power. Although her mind is still swimming with questions after she loses her friend Cassie in a fire, it is Jasper who doesn’t seem to be able to cope. When she discovers he’s been putting himself in danger, she rushes to his aid, only to be apprehended by police and taken to a hospital ward. Despite doctors insisting she and the other women have a mood disorder, Wylie doesn’t believe them and is sure something far more sinister is going on—but can she trust herself? In the words of Jennifer Barnes’ Booklist review, “Another twisty-turny psychological thriller from a master.”



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Charlotte Chadwick is currently an intern for Booklist. A senior at Lake Forest College, she is studying creative writing and print and digital publishing. When she isn't writing short stories, there's nothing she enjoys more than drinking coffee and dodging questions about her post-grad plans.

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