Booklist Readers: Sarah Hunter

Sarah Hunter, today’s Booklist Reader, is a senior editor in our Books for Youth department. She writes about webcomics for us every other Wednesday and is as great a baker as she claims.


sarah hunter

Sarah Hunter

What are you an expert on?

I’m not sure I’d qualify as an expert, but I’m an excellent baker, something my Booklist colleagues seem pretty happy about. I am, however, an expert at always, always making too much of something, so I’m subsequently also an expert in both sharing and managing leftovers.


What’s your least-favorite thing to do?

Coming up with titles. A close second is answering questions about myself.


What do you wish someone would write a book about, fiction or nonfiction?

Well, I’ve had two wishes in the last year or so. The first was for a book about the Night Witches, an all-female air battalion in Russia during WWII, and so far, there have been two YA books based on them (one of which I reviewed). The other is for more YA true crime, and I learned recently that there’s a new YA true crime imprint in the world, so maybe I should be in expert in having my wishes come true.


Ormerod sunshine

From Jay Ormerod’s SUNSHINE

What’s the first book that made an impression on you?

Sunshine and Moonlight, by Jan Ormerod (technically two books!). Apart from the fact that the dad in these books is a dead-ringer for my own, I loved these because of Ormerod’s lovely illustrations, which I found utterly captivating as a kid. I recognized a lot of myself in them—I was definitely a slugabed, probably because, like the girl in Moonlight, I would find any excuse I could muster to stay up late—and the story in the pictures was so simply, unmistakably told. I still love them!


Have you ever literally thrown a book across the room in frustration?

I do this, on a mass scale, about every two weeks around here. When I finish editing a review, I find it especially satisfying to throw my copy of the book in a pile on my office floor. I’m so eager to get through my editing queue that I can’t get the book out of my hands fast enough. The loud thwak of a book on the floor is the perfect sound of finality for me.



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