Book Trailer Thursday: THE BONE WITCH

This week’s book trailer is a perfect visual representation of the novel it’s promoting. The trailer for The Bone Witch (Sourcebooks/Fire) by Rin Chupeco begins with intense music that continues throughout. Dark, swirling colors flash between images of a girl, skulls, and a map, as a voiceover from protagonist Tea intones phrases such as “the DEAD HIDE truths” and “DEATH magic” that appear onscreen.

Tea is raising an army of deadly creatures known daeva. In a world of powerful spellbinders known as asha, she is a bone witch, a dark asha, with an innate talent for necromancy. Now a 17-year-old living in exile, she tells the story of how she got to this point to a traveling bard. This dark fantasy novel is delicate, committed to world building and beautiful imagery as opposed to action, and will appeal to anyone who enjoys detailed and lyrical writing. As Julia Smith notes in her Booklist review, “Whether she [Tea] is in the right remains a question unanswered, but the ending makes it clear her story is only beginning.”



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Charlotte Chadwick is currently an intern for Booklist. A senior at Lake Forest College, she is studying creative writing and print and digital publishing. When she isn't writing short stories, there's nothing she enjoys more than drinking coffee and dodging questions about her post-grad plans.

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  1.' Oleg Solodov says:

    It looks really interesting, exiting and little bit misterious. I will watch it!

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