Booklist Readers: Maggie Reagan

Our current Booklist Reader is Maggie Reagan, our youth department’s associate editor. She really loves horses. Books, too. You can follow her on Twitter @MagdalenaRayGun.

What are you an expert on?

I think they say you’ve mastered a skill once you’ve spent 10,000 hours or more on it, which pretty much makes me an expert on worrying, driving other people’s cars, and identifying which book any given Harry Potter quote is from.

What’s the first book that made an impression on you?

maggie reaganBridge to Terabithia, because it’s the first book I ever read where (spoilers! Inasmuch you can spoil a book that’s been out for decades!) somebody actually died like for real, and eight-year-old me had a hard time comprehending that and kept thinking I’d missed something in the ending.

What’s the last book that made you cry?

Matthew Cordell’s lovely picture book, Wolf in the Snow, actually made me cry when I read it in the office. It’s very charming and I am a complete sucker for stories where the wolf isn’t the bad guy.

What’s the last book you re-read?

The answer to this question is almost always going to be Ella Enchanted, because I’ve read it so many times I’ve worn through three different copies.

If books suddenly became literal food, what genre would you find most appealing and why?

Duh, picture books about baby animals. Because you can’t only have just one.



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Eugenia Williamson is the Associate Editor of Digital Products at Booklist. She worked in bookstores for twelve years, reviews books for The Boston Globe, and writes about books, culture, and politics for several other publications. Follow her on Twitter at @Booklist_Genie.

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