Three Fiction Series for Fans of SANTA CLARITA DIET

santa clarita diet

Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant star in the new Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet, the tale of a typical suburban family sent into turmoil when Barrymore’s character starts to projectile vomit, ejecting a strange organ-looking-thingy. Also, she doesn’t have a heartbeat anymore, and the couple’s teen daughter and her erstwhile crush stumble on the new family secret when they notice that there’s a dead body in the backyard. The nature of mom’s new situation isn’t immediately apparent, but the series weaves together gore and good-natured family humor in a way that will make you giggle and wonder why the producers of Fuller House didn’t think to throw in a few zombies, just because.

Usually, tales of the undead aren’t so hilarious. But if you’re looking for a few good series to binge-read that’ll keep you laughing, here are a few suggestions. As far as finding your own stylish kill poncho, though—you’re on your own.


beachblanketbloodbathAmanda Feral, by Mark Henry: Happy Hour of the Damned, Road Trip of the Living Dead, Battle of the Network ZombiesBeach Blanket Bloodbath

When stylish ad-exec Amanda becomes a zombie, she discovers a whole undead world as she transforms into a Seattleite who craves human flesh. This series is “perfect for those who don’t mind mixing girlishness and gore.”



paxdemonicaDemon-Hunting Soccer Mom, by Julie Kenner: Carpe Demon, California DemonDemons Are ForeverDeja DemonDemon Ex Machina, Pax Demonica

Kate Connor is a stay at home mom and Level 4 demon hunter. She’s got all the usual balancing act issues, including kids and a husband with political ambitions, but also things like demons trying to take over her daughter’s high school and her first husband coming back on the scene (postmortem, of course). Booklist calls these “pure paranormal delight.”


bitememooreBloodsucking Fiends, by Christopher Moore: Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story, You Suck: A Love StoryBite Me: A Love Story

The ever-hilarious Christopher Moore tackles accidental vampirism and the hijinks that ensue with a cast including the teenage Abby who tracks the undead doings in her journal. Moore makes a “hilarious mockery of the pursuit of the appetites.”





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