Book Trailer Thursday: I Hate Everyone, Except You

If questions such as “What are some anecdotal and entertaining stories from the life of television personality Clinton Kelly?” and “Does television personality Clinton Kelly hate me?” have haunted you for years, pick up Kelly’s book, I Hate Everyone, Except You. Although he refuses to answer fan queries such as “How much do you make a year?” and “Do you like my outfit?” in this week’s featured trailer, Kelly is much more honest when it comes to questions he comes up with himself—and in his book. In her Booklist review, Margaret Quamme writes, “[Kelly] touches down on a few key moments, mostly embarrassing and/or semi-erotic, of his life in this breezy collection of essays.” Candid, snarky, and charismatic, the book covers everything from how Paula Deen became his enemy to how he met his husband.



About the Author:

Charlotte Chadwick is currently an intern for Booklist. A senior at Lake Forest College, she is studying creative writing and print and digital publishing. When she isn't writing short stories, there's nothing she enjoys more than drinking coffee and dodging questions about her post-grad plans.

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