Reviews of the Week: Angie Thomas, Victor Lodato, Sarah Durant, and More!

Monday, December 19

edgar-and-lucy-victor-lodato Edgar & Lucy, by Victor Lodato

Edgar Fini is an unusual eight-year-old, marked by albinism, obsessive-compulsive tendencies, and weird predilections. When his mother, Lucy, seems too busy with booze and a new boyfriend to notice his unbearable grief, a stranger in a truck is suddenly there to offer the solace Edgar craves.  Lodato’s remarkable novel traces a broken family’s spiritual journey toward healing in moving, magical prose.




the-hate-u-give-angie-thomasTuesday, December 20

 The Hate U Give, by Angie Thomas

Sixteen-year-old Starr lives in two very different worlds: one is her home in a poor black urban neighborhood; the other is the tony suburban prep school she attends and the white boy she dates there. Her bifurcated life changes dramatically when she is the only witness to the unprovoked police shooting of her unarmed friend Khalil and is challenged to speak out—though with trepidation—about the injustices being done in the event’s wake.



lost-order-steve-berryWednesday, December 21

The Lost Order, by Steve Berry

The prolific Berry has a knack for finding obscure yet fascinating historical details and fashioning them into fast-moving novels. This one revolves around a real-life secret society that most people have never heard of: the Knights of the Golden Circle, a nineteenth-century group that wanted to encircle Mexico and other Latin American countries and make them part of the U.S. as slave states.



sarah-durant-in-the-name-of-the-familyThursday, December 22

In the Name of the Family, by Sarah Durant

In Blood and Beauty (2012), Dunant brought her avid readers into the Borgia world to witness that family’s initial strategies for amassing political as well as spiritual power over much of the Italian peninsula. In her opulent new novel, Dunant deepens her portrayal of this notorious Renaissance family of popes and adventurers.



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