Preparing for Snow with Picture Books, Part Two

BookendsCindy and Lynn: Light the fire and heat up the hot chocolate: Here’s Part Two of our list of picture books post that will help you get ready for the snow.

Two award-winners, the poet Joyce Sidman and the illustrator Beth Krommes, have teamed up to give us Before Morning (2016), a gorgeous ode to a snowy night. The world is an Before Morning by Joyce Sidmanincreasingly busy place, but even the busiest city must yield when a heavy snow storm settles in overnight. Silence falls with the beautiful flakes, traffic stops, and the world wakes to a joyful interlude: a “slow delightful white” to be savored by all.

Sidman’s lovely poetic invocation is matched by Krommes’ breathtaking scratchboard illustrations, reflecting every child’s ardent wish for a snow day. While “urgent plans founder,” a little girl and her family get a day of sledding, snow angels, and that blissful rarity: a slow morning. This beautiful book will have even the most jaded of adults yearning for snow.

Waiting for Snow (2016), Marsha Diane Arnold’sWaiting for Snow by Marsha Diane Arnold sweet story, features a Badger impatient for the snow to start. His friends suggest all sorts of things: doing a snow dance, putting pajamas on backwards, and even throwing pebbles at the sky to punch holes for the snow to get through. But nothing works. “It will snow in snow’s time,” says his friend, Hedgehog, counseling patience. Waiting is hard, but one morning, it’s time.

Renata Liwska’s lovely illustrations are drawn in pencil and digitally colored with a soft focus. Funny details like Badger’s backwards room and Hedgehog’s overhead projector add to the fun. This charming story will help children anxiously awaiting those first flakes.

We have to add that Arnold didn’t mention the tried-and-true Michigan method of putting a spoon under your pillow. Works every time!




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