Election 2016 Special Report: Puppy Party!


It’s election day! As part of our special coverage, we present 20 picture books filled with perky, precious puppies, linked to their excerpted Booklist reviews. If you want to spend the rest of the day crouched in the children’s section, rocking back and forth and looking at them until our next president is announced, you’ve got our vote. (Prefer kitties? Click here.)


10-little-hot-dogs10 Little Hot Dogs, by John Himmelman

With each turn of the page this simple counting book adds another doggy friend until there are 10 hot dogs chewing bones, wagging tails, tugging on socks, tumbling with a shoe, and so on.




big-dog-and-little-dog-go-sailing-selina-youngBig Dog and Little Dog Go Sailing, by Selina Young

Big Dog and Little Dog each display a distinct mix of character traits in several trying situations, notably an encounter with a whale.





hello-puppy-jane-cowen-fletcherHello, Puppy! by Jane Cowen-Fletcher

What does a young child and a new puppy equal? A winning combination.





The Helpful Puppyhelpful-puppy-kim-zarins, by Kim Zarins

A farm puppy, who will be a sheepdog someday, wants to be useful now.






lets-get-a-pup-said-kate-bob-graham“Let’s Get a Pup!” said Kate, by Bob Graham

“Let’s get a pup,” are words that strike fear in the hearts of some parents, but not the happy-go-lucky young parents in this book.




Little Doglittle-dog-lisa-jahn-clough, by Lisa Jahn-Clough

Scruffy, scrappy Little Dog has a rough life on the street until he is befriended by Rosa the artist.







little-dog-and-duncan-kristine-oconnell-georgeLittle Dog and Duncan, by Kristine O’Connell George

The two dogs fuss and tumble and rest and eat one another’s food—and they both try to fit on the little girl’s lap.




little-puppy-kim-lewisLittle Puppy, by Kim Lewis

The puppy squirms and wriggles and licks Katie’s nose.






little-puppy-lost-linda-jenningsLittle Puppy Lost, by Linda Jennings

A golden pup named Ollie ventures out into his first snow.






Little Scraggly Hairlittle-scraggly-hair-lynn-cullen, by Lynn Cullen

In this version of the story of the ark and the legend of how dogs got wet noses (and became household companions), Noah and Little Scraggly Hair are misunderstood creatures.




mr-and-mr-portly-and-their-little-dog-snack-sandra-jordanMr. and Mrs. Portly and Their Little Dog, Snack, by Sandra Jordan

Mrs. Amanda Portly sees an adorable white puppy in the grocery store in need of “a good home.” Happily, she has a very good home indeed, complete with the artwork her husband collects.





otis-and-the-puppy-loren-longOtis and the Puppy, by Loren Long

After a hard day at work, a “friendly little tractor named Otis” likes to wind down with a game of hide-and-seek with his barnyard friends. That group gets one member bigger the night a puppy comes to live at the farm.




perfect-puppy-for-me-jane-oconnorThe Perfect Puppy for Me, by Jane O’Connor and Jessie Hartland

The boy narrator loves dogs. He has dog posters and books, a dog-eared hat, and a barking clock, but he doesn’t have a real dog—yet.




please-puppy-please-spike-leePlease, Puppy, Please, by Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis Lee

The puppy leaps into the air, rolls in mud, bounds out of his bath, and shakes water all over himself, the children, and the cat.




poor-puppy-nick-bruelPoor Puppy, by Nick Bruel

Puppy longs to play, but Kitty’s acting like, well, a cat.




puppy-for-annie-kim-lewisA Puppy for Annie, by Kim Lewis

Whether she is creating tiny lambs, plush toy elephants, or wobbly calves, Lewis always manages to makes them seem soft enough to touch.





puppy-love-gillian-shieldsPuppy Love: The Story of Esme and Sam, by Gillian Shields

Pampered pooch Esme Lamour gets lost one day while at Central Park and meets a downtown dog named Samuel Bloom. Esme and Sam have a wonderful adventure in the city and fall in love.





puppy-pool-party-seth-casteelPuppy Pool Party! by Seth Casteel

Casteel once again showcases his formidable talents as a specialist in ultracute photos of dogs underwater.






Saving Audiesaving-audie-dorothy-hinshaw-patent, by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent

Once landing with a family in San Francisco, the black puppy known as Number 86 was renamed after WWII war hero Audie Murphy and then underwent knee surgery, allowing it to begin agility training.




two-girls-want-a-puppy-evie-cordellTwo Girls Want a Puppy, by Evie and Ryan Cordell

In this cheerful picture book, two girls introduce themselves and their eagerness to have a puppy.







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Eugenia Williamson is the Associate Editor of Digital Products at Booklist. She worked in bookstores for twelve years, reviews books for The Boston Globe, and writes about books, culture, and politics for several other publications. Follow her on Twitter at @Booklist_Genie.

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  1. llook@ccclib.org' lin says:

    Fun list! But I can’t believe that you didn’t list one of the seminal dog books of our time: Dogzilla by Dav Pilkey.

    Or Carl, who has done more to rehabilitate the image of Rottweilers than anything AKC could have done.

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