Election 2016 Special Report: Kitties!


It’s election day! As part of our special coverage, we present 15 picture books filled with cute, cavorting kitties, linked to their excerpted Booklist reviews. If you want to spend the rest of the day crouched in the children’s section, rocking back and forth and looking at them until our next president is announced, you’ve got our vote. (Prefer puppies? Click here.)

big-cat-small-cat-ami-rubingerBig Cat, Small Cat, by Ami Rubinger

Kids who love cats will enjoy seeing them in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors, and demeanors.





box-full-of-kittens-sonia-manzanoA Box Full of Kittens, by Sonia Manzano

On a trip to the bodega, Ruthie discovers three kittens and becomes completely entranced.





castle-full-of-cats-ruth-sandersonA Castle Full of Cats, by Ruth Sanderson

From the cover crawling with cats to the endpapers showing 37 felines, this is a cat-lover’s dream.





cat-secrets-jef-czekajCat Secrets, by Jef Czekaj

The cats are on to us! Czekaj’s irresistible cartoon art is both bratty and expressive.




cat-the-cat-who-is-that-mo-willemsCat the Cat, Who Is That? by Mo Willems

This upbeat title introduces young children to a new cast of animal pals.





i-love-cats-susan-staintonI Love Cats, by Susan Stainton

The unseen narrator likes all kinds of cats, and there are plenty of cats to be seen.







i-see-kitty-yasmine-surovecI See Kitty, by Yasmine Surovec

Beginning with colorful end pages of sweet kittens in all kinds of energetic poses, author-illustrator Surovec has created a celebration of kitty love.




katie-loves-the-kittens-john-himmelmanKatie Loves the Kittens, by John Himmelman

Katie chases the kittens around the house, is quickly reprimanded, and spends the rest of the book trying not to scare them.





ketzel-the-cat-who-composed-leslea-newmanKetzel, the Cat Who Composed, by Leslea Newman

Based on a true incident, this delightfully told story is unlikely and adorable in equal parts.




kitten-tale-eric-rohmannA Kitten Tale, by Eric Rohmann

The short text begins in spring, when four kittens spot a postcard with a wintry scene.






kittens-kittens-kittens-susan-meyersKittens! Kittens! Kittens! by Susan Meyers

There’s no real story—just a collection of appealing scenes in which kittens—busy, bouncy, and bold—explore their surroundings.





little-night-cat-sonja-danowskiLittle Night Cat, by Sonja Danowski

Danowski’s quiet, lovely story of generosity is beautifully outshone by her stunning, luminous illustrations, full of dappled light and textural depth, which resemble soft-focus photographs.





my-kitten-margaret-ohairMy Kitten, by Margaret O’Hair

Who doesn’t smile when watching a cuddly, playful kitten?






spot-the-cat-henry-coleSpot, the Cat, by Henry Cole

Spot is not that easy to find in this wordless picture book.






very-fluffy-kitty-papillon-kangThe Very Fluffy Kitty, Papillon, by A. N. Kang

True to his butterfly namesake, the kitten Papillon—rendered in wispy, cloudlike pencil strokes—can float.






wheres-the-party-ruth-chanWhere’s the Party? by Ruth Chan

Georgie, a cheery gray tabby cat, is an expert party planner. He especially understands the importance of comprehensive to-do lists.




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