Book Trailer Thursday: Du Iz Tak?

Be warned: today’s video is no book trailer! It is, rather, a brief interview with author/illustrator extraordinaire Carson Ellis. To promote the release of her latest picture book, Du Iz Tak? (Candlewick), Ellis taks, er, talks early artistic memories, great advice she’s received, and the creation of a wonderfully nonsensical language. A glimpse into the lives of an infectiously industrious brood of bugs (who, Ellis reflects, “shouldn’t speak English”) Du Iz Tak? serves up “splendid folk-style gouache-and-ink illustrations” alongside playful gibberish—words like furt, ribble, and nazoot. As Booklist editor Julia Smith writes in her starred review, “Ellis’ newest is outstanding.” Make sure to check out the interview above, or grab a copy of Du Iz Tak?, in stores October 18; after all, it might just be your last (only?) chance at learning Bug.



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Briana Shemroske is Booklist's Editorial Assistant for Books for Youth. She recently graduated with a BA from Lake Forest College where she studied English Writing and Art History. In her free time she can be found eating cheeseburgers, frolicking with her schnoodle, Moritz, and feebly attempting to play board games. Follow her on Twitter at @Booklist_Briana.

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