Book Trailer Thursday: Hamstersaurus Rex

Corporate satire and body-building hamsters dominate this week’s Book Trailer Thursday. In Hamstersaurus Rex by Tom O’Donnell, a beloved classroom hamster overdoses on protein supplements and flies the coop, leaving awkward sixth-grader Sam Gibbs determined to find the cherished vermin. As John Peters explains in his Booklist review, “few could ever match aptly named Hamstersaurus Rex for loyalty and ferocity—not to mention an insatiable appetite for snack food.” The hunt for Hammie is on—but does Hammie want to be saved, or has his chemical diet gone to his head? The cheeky book trailer pays tribute to Sam’s talents as a budding cartoonist, and stays true to the satirical tone of O’Donnell’s work.



About the Author:

Courtney Eathorne is a Booklist intern for the fall of 2016. She is a senior at Columbia College Chicago, pursuing a degree in Playwriting. She is also currently interning at 826CHI, a literacy non-profit with a focus in publishing Chicago student-written work.

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