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donnaIn this installment of Booklist Readers, we turn to Donna Seaman. Called “one of the best-known literary critics in Chicago” by the Chicago Tribune, she was promoted Booklist’s adult books editor earlier this year. In February, Bloomsbury will release her latest book: Identity Unknown: Rediscovering Seven Outstanding American Women Artists. You can follow her on Twitter at@Booklist_Donna.

What do you do when you’re not at Booklist?

Worry about what I forgot to do at Booklist.

What are you an expert on?


Who’s your favorite reader?

Any man I see reading a novel by a woman writer.

What’s the first book that made an impression on you?

Well, I adored lots of picture books and read and reread and read again the Winnie-the-Pooh series, but the book that made me think about books and how much I loved them and why was Little Women.

If you could resurrect one dead author so that he or she could write about the current political climate/technology /world events, whom would you resurrect and why?

George Eliot, because she had such a keen understanding of human nature and social tyranny, and possessed an unerring moral compass.




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Eugenia Williamson is the Associate Editor of Digital Products at Booklist. She worked in bookstores for twelve years, reviews books for The Boston Globe, and writes about books, culture, and politics for several other publications. Follow her on Twitter at @Booklist_Genie.

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  1. Donna Seaman says:

    Thanks, Nancy. It’s great to be in touch. And Steinbeck is a terrific choice.

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