Fantasy, Free Me: Romances That Do the Time Warp

Traveling through time has always had a certain appeal. One can leave behind all their troubles and start over—or discover that there’s no running water. Hot guys, however, can be found in all centuries. Pack your bags, and get ready to take a romantic flight backwards—or forward—in time.

Geek Girl and the Scandalous EarlGeek Girl and the Earl, by Gina Lamm

Comic-book loving Jamie Marten is transported more than 200 years into the past, right into the bed of Micah Axelby, Earl of Dunnington.  Poor Micah’s reputation with society is already on rocky ground—and Jamie’s sudden appearance doesn’t help. Adjusting to life pre-iPhone and heated water is rough, but Micah proves to be more than capable of helping Jamie adjust. This is a fun and sexy time travel romance that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Healer of CarthageHealer of Carthage, by Lynne Gentry (Series: Carthage Chronicles)

Lisbeth Hastings, a medical resident, falls through a cave while exploring her father’s property and finds herself a slave about to be auctioned off in ancient Rome.  Cyprian Thascius rescues her and is inexplicably drawn to her despite the danger. Her unusual ways present numerous challenges to him and his new faith. Can they overcome the danger and be together, or will the Romans succeed in tearing them apart?

perfect-timingPerfect Timing, by  Catherine Anderson

It’s been quite a day for Quincy Harrigan.  Ceara O’Ceallaigh showed up on his doorstep claiming that a) she’s from 1574, and b) they must marry right away to save his sister-in-law from dying.  Ceara explains there’s a family curse that can only be broken if a daughter of her family marries a male from his family.  Despite his reluctance to marry a stranger, Quincy doesn’t want to see his brother’s wife die.  Ceara and Quincy slowly begin to learn about each other in a tender courtship.


Looking for more time-travel getaways?  Here are sixteen more to spirit you away:

Aching for Always, by Gwyn Cready

Black Magic, by Brenda Jernigan

Dancing with Billy the Kid, by Terri Meeker

Daring Time, by Beth Kery.

For All Time, by Jude Deveraux (Nantucket Brides)

If Only in My Dreams, by Wendy Markham

Kissing Shakespeare, by Pamela Mingle

No Proper Lady, Englefield, #1, by Isabel Cooper.

Roses in Moonlight, by Lynn Kurland

Shendandoah Nights, Winds of Change, by Lisa Belcastro

Spirited Away, by Cindy Miles.

Tapestry, by Fiona McIntosh.

Thane’s Redemption, by Nina Crespo (The Song)

Time Between Us, by Tamara Ireland Stone

Time Thief, by Katie MacAlister (Time Thief)

Wild and Unruly, by Amanda McIntyre (Sweet Magnolia)



About the Author:

Ilene Lefkowitz is a supervising librarian at the Denville Public Library in Denville, New Jersey. Along with C. L., co-author of Read On . . . Romance (2014). When she is not reading romances she can be found cooking up a storm or attempting to be crafty. Follow her on Twitter @ilefkowitz. C. L. Quillen is the director of the Spotswood Public Library. In her spare time, she likes to get creative in the kitchen, travel, and spoil her already very spoiled Siamese-mix cat. She is the co-author of Read On . . . Romance (2014). Follow her on Twitter at @cielle.

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