Five Twin Stories for Those Who Loved TWINSTERS

Actress Samantha Futerman’s documentary, “Twinsters” (available on Netflix), explores the strange, uniquely 21st century turn of events that leads Futerman to discover she has a twin. Twins often inspire stories of the mysterious, the slightly creepy, and the otherworldly connections twins may share—and these books won’t disappoint.

chang-and-engChang and Eng, by Darin Strauss

This novel reimagines the lives of the world’s most celebrated conjoined twins, imbuing their sad tale with humanity and beauty.





half-lifeHalf Life, by Shelley Jackson

A novel cast in an alternate America, where—thanks to radioactive fallout—conjoined twins represent a decent swathe of the population. Nora longs to be free of her sleeping sister, Blanche, as well as the grating subculture surrounding their enmeshed existence.


herfearfulsymmetryHer Fearful Symmetry, by Audrey Niffenegger

Elspeth is a twin. When she dies, she wills her sister’s own twin nieces her London home, and hangs around to see what they do with it. The girls, in their early 20s, arrive and discover things about themselves and even the afterlife that they didn’t think possible.



identical-strangersIdentical Strangers, by Elyse Schein and Paula Bernstein

Twins separated at birth discover one another in mid-life. The biggest surprise: they were secretly included in a scientific study on separated twins!


ghost-shiftThe Ghost Shift, by John Gapper

Song Mei is investigating a mysterious death. The victim? A woman who bears her own exact resemblance.







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