Ridin’ Dirty: Biker Romance

What is it about a biker romance that gets women’s panties in a bunch? Is it the roughness around the edges? That bikers follow the rev of their own engines? The strange moral code they follow? The tattoos? 

Whatever may appeal to you about bikers, make no mistake: they’re here to stay. While we pine for the return of Jax Teller and the rest of the “Sons of Anarchy” riders, we can rest assured that motorcycle club romances remain plentiful. Although plenty ride the ebook circuit, here are our (OK, Ilene’s) favorite MC and biker romances in print. 

Opening UpOpening Up, by Lauren Dane (Series: Ink and Chrome)

Tattoos, custom cars, piercings—and that’s just the heroine, P. J. Add tall, brooding, inked, and pierced Asa, and there’s no telling where this might go. Dane takes the time to show the characters vulnerable sides as well. There is real drama and depth to the story as well as some seriously steamy sex scenes. 

Ride HardRide Hard, by Laura Kaye (Raven Riders)

Kaye branches out from Hard Ink with this connected series featuring members of the MC that helped out at the tattoo shop in Baltimore. Ride Hard sets up the MC: its history, enemies, friends, and members.




Undaunted, by Ronnie Douglas (Knights in Black Leather) Undaunted

This New Adult MC series focuses on the Southern Wolves MC in Tennessee. Undaunted isn’t as gritty or edgy as some other MC romances, but it’s not short on the chemistry between good girl Aubrey and bad-to-the-bone Zion. There’s a bit of mystery, too. This is a good choice for readers hoping to skip the dirty stuff.



Need more, grease monkeys? Calm your chaps! Here are more wheelie good books:

Definace, by Stephanie Tyler (Defiance)

Dragon’s Lair, by Chantal Fernando (Wind Dragons MC)

Hell on Wheels, by Julie Ann Walker (Black Knights Inc.)

Own the Wind, by Kristen Ashley (Chaos)

Raine Falling, by Paula Marinaro (Hells Saints Motorcyle Club)

Reaper’s Property, by Joanne Wylde (Reapers MC)

riding-dirtyRiding Dirty, by Jill Sorenson (Dirty Eleven)

Rough Justice, by Sarah Castille (Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club)

Sinner’s Creed, by Kim Jones (Sinner’s Creed MC)

Unbreak My Heart, by Lorelei James (Rough Riders Legacy)

Viper’s Run, by Stephanie Tyler (Skull Creek)

Wicked Ride, by Rebecca Zanetti (Realm Enforcers)




About the Author:

Ilene Lefkowitz is a supervising librarian at the Denville Public Library in Denville, New Jersey. Along with C. L., co-author of Read On . . . Romance (2014). When she is not reading romances she can be found cooking up a storm or attempting to be crafty. Follow her on Twitter @ilefkowitz. C. L. Quillen is the director of the Spotswood Public Library. In her spare time, she likes to get creative in the kitchen, travel, and spoil her already very spoiled Siamese-mix cat. She is the co-author of Read On . . . Romance (2014). Follow her on Twitter at @cielle.

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