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10 Tales of Rock Star Romance

Tattoos, luscious locks, and alpha-male musicians are the perfect recipe for a hot and heavy romance novel. Rock stars are the ultimate bad boys looking to be tamed by the right lady, and it’s no surprise that books featuring these musical gods have surged in popularity recently. The combination of fame, fortune, and steamy plotlines tempt readers looking to escape for a few hundred pages. While our heroes are usually leather-pants-wearing, long-haired hunks who can shred a guitar, our leading ladies vary from innocent good-girls to badass rockers in their own right. These suggestions, linked to their Booklist reviews when possible, are sure to having you rocking out in no time.

Back UpBack-Up, by A.M. Madden (Book One in the Back-Up series)

Leila’s dream is to become a rock star, so when she lands a gig as a back-up singer for Devil’s Lair, she is ready for her shot. Jack is the typical rocker, sleeping with any woman he chooses without repercussion. So why is Leila tormenting him, body and soul?


Backstage PassBackstage Pass, by Olivia Cunning (Book one in the Sinners on Tour series)

If you’re looking for rock star erotica, look no further than the Sinners on Tour series. Myrna Evans is a hot-as-hell psychologist who decides to go on tour with the Sinners, and they all lust after her. But Brian Sinclair, the guitarist and songwriter, is the one who catches Myrna’s eye. Serving as his muse, Myrna sparks Brian’s creativity, both on the stage and between the sheets.

Before He Was FamousBefore He Was Famous, by Becky Wicks (Book One in the Starstruck series)

Falling in love with your best friend presents its challenges, but things get even trickier when your friend is the uber-famous Noah Lockton. When Chole Campbell gets the chance to join her childhood friend on tour as a blogger for a magazine, she’s confident that their past is just that: in the past. Chloe tries to ignore Noah’s endless string of girlfriends, but the media eats it up. As they continue to deny their feelings for each other, the cutthroat music industry threatens to tear them apart forever.

ConnectedConnected, by Jolyn Palliata (Book One in the Twists of Fate series)

This paranormal rock star romance will give you your kicks—with a twist. When rock guitarist Rhys Alexander dies, his soul becomes trapped in the body of a young woman who experienced a brush with death. Addison thinks she is going mad, but she soon realizes that there is another person living inside her. She can hear him, sense his feelings, and even feel his touch. This unlikely romance will tug at your heartstrings.

everything i wantEverything I Want,
by Natalie Barnes (Book One in the Everything I Want series)

If you like a strong heroine who can rock out right alongside her man, this book is for you. When Sophia and her band sign a record deal and get the chance to go on tour with Undead Society, one of the most popular bands around, she believes all her dreams are finally coming true. Her euphoria is quickly squashed when she meets Tristan, Undead Society’s lead singer. Sure, he’s hotter than sin, but he’s also a giant ass who makes Sophia’s life hell. Plenty of angst and lust ensue, making this a quick and dirty read.

how to kill rock starHow to Kill a Rock Star, by Tiffanie DeBartolo

Passionate, thought-provoking, and utterly unexpected, this poetic book will appeal to readers who love rock star romance but who want something a little different. When Eliza moves to New York as a fresh-faced music journalist, she meets Paul, the lead singer of the up-and-coming band Bananafish, and the two fall hard and fast for each other. But can their love survive his rise to fame?

PlayPlay, by Kylie Scott (Book two in the Stage Dive series)

When Anne is invited to a party, she never expected that it would change her life. Mal Ericson, the famous Stage Diver drummer, offers her a deal—if she pretends to be his girlfriend to help clean-up his image, he’ll help her pay rent since her roommate bailed. Not in a position to turn down the offer, Anne agrees. She soon realizes that living with a rock star and pretending he’s your boyfriend is anything but normal or healthy, especially when those fake feelings start to feel real.

real uglyReal Ugly, by C.M. Stunich (Book One in the Hard Rock Roots series)

Drugs, alcohol, and temptation…this isn’t some sweet love story, but rather a story about hardcore rockers whose mutual loathing bring them together.


Rock steadyRock Steady, by Dawn Ryder (Book two in the Rock Band series)

Jewel’s world is turned upside down late one night when members of the band Toxsin enter the tattoo shop where she works. Impressed by her artistic ability and unable to resist the sparks between them, Ramsey, the band’s brooding guitarist, invites her on tour. With nothing but her heart to lose, Jewel reluctantly agrees. The pair’s relationship soon heats up, but Ramsey’s bad-boy past threatens their fragile new relationship.

Rock the BeatRock the Beat,
by Michelle A. Valentine (Book Three in the Black Falcon series)
When famous rocker Trip Douglas decides he needs a break from the rock star lifestyle, he decides to hide his true identity and make an investment in motocross, another one of his passions. But Holly Pearson, the ball-bustin’ daughter of a motocross track owner won’t seem to get out of his way…or his head.




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  1.' Tyler Jones says:

    Looks too vanilla as for rock star romances. Really do not fit the pictures which stay after songs of Rolling Stones or RHCP. For me, rock is associated with some incredible adventure instead of vanilla love story.
    Perhaps no story better than those that create life itself so I prefer biographical books about rock legends so would be gratefull for selection of such books. Here are few of my favorites and so maybe you can complement this list or recommend something similar?
    Sorry if my wish is irrelevant, I am just so exited about US red hot chili peppers tour and their concert in NY that I am crazy about this topic. Great that we have an opportunity to see and enjoy live performances of truly legendary people.

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