Book Trailer Thursday: Quit Calling Me a Monster!

Although most will admit that a fuzzy beast with horns, fangs, claws, and crazy eyes might sound pretty ferocious, this week’s Book Trailer Thursday focuses on a character that’s far from monstrous. In fact, he would prefer if you could refrain from that particular modifier. This sensitive purple creature is Floyd Peterson, and he’s the star of Jory John and Bob Shea’s most recent picture book, Quit Calling Me a Monster! (Random House Children’s Books). With vivid colors and sassy expression, this video brings to life a charming exercise in sympathy that will leave you hankering for your own copy of this clever book. If you can’t get out to the bookstore just yet, feel free to peruse what Booklist‘s Maggie Reagan had to say about John and Shea’s newest in her review, linked above.



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Muriel currently serves as the Booklist intern for summer 2016. She is a student at the University of Chicago where she hopes to earn a degree in English Language and Literature.

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