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As a chill hits the air, driving us ever closer to one another, we celebrate romance fiction at Booklist. Each September, we publish an issue dedicated to all things romantic, from star-crossed lovers to happily-ever-afters—and this year, on the Booklist Reader, we’re taking things way past first base. You’ve heard of our famous Mystery Month? This is just like that, only with more kissing and less killing. All September long, we’ll publish at least one romance blog post every weekday, and tweet all of it with the hashtag #SeptemberRomance.

Things start heating up tomorrow. Stay tuned for a bevvy of love stories among student and teachers, bad preachers, hockey players, and more. We’ll have features about romance on audio, classic romance novels, and forgotten titans of the genre.

On September 13, we’ll be hosting a romance webinar in which representatives from Baker Publishing, Harlequin, Harper, Random House, and Shadow Mountain will preview the hottest titles from their forthcoming lists. There’s still plenty of time to register, so click here and sign up before someone steals your seat. (So much classier than writing your phone number on a matchbook, right?)

Two weeks from now, after our online-only coverage has fogged up the windows, the September 15 issue of Booklist, our Spotlight on Romance, will be mailed to subscribers as the digital edition goes online. In addition to reviews of recent adult and youth romance novels in print and on audio, you’ll find features on teen romance, romantic suspense, romance debuts, and sex in YA novels.

So stick with us this month—or at least try to find some time to check in between makeout sessions. And be sure to use the hashtag #SeptemberRomance for a more romantic social media experience.

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Eugenia Williamson is the Associate Editor of Digital Products at Booklist. She worked in bookstores for twelve years, reviews books for The Boston Globe, and writes about books, culture, and politics for several other publications. Follow her on Twitter at @Booklist_Genie.

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