Book Trailer Thursday: How This Book Was Made

The charming characteristic of knowing how to laugh at one’s self is an attribute commonly affirmed, but perhaps never so well exemplified as in this week’s Book Trailer Thursday. In a series of delightfully quirky video fragments, author Mac Barnett and illustrator Adam Rex expose the creative environment that shaped their most recent foray into metafiction: How This Book Was Made (Disney/Hyperion). Acknowledging a huge range of potential influences, from Adam’s pencils to the modern global economy, this video introduces the duo’s forthcoming picture book in a way that epitomizes what it means to laugh with, not at, a truly enjoyable pair. If you find yourself wanting more after the video’s 100 seconds are up, you can read about similar self-referential titles in Booklist editor Maggie Reagan’s featured article. If you are still yet unsatisfied, be sure to check out Lolly Gepson’s review of this witty release, linked above.



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Muriel currently serves as the Booklist intern for summer 2016. She is a student at the University of Chicago where she hopes to earn a degree in English Language and Literature.

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